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Folders vs. Index Pages

Folders and Index Pages look similar in the Pages panel, and we often get questions about how they differ. This guide covers the primary differences, best practices, and other things to consider when adding a folder or an Index Page to your site.

These are the basics:

  • A folder creates a drop-down menu in your navigation. Available in all templates.
  • An Index Page creates a unique page on your site that displays images and content from multiple pages. Available in some templates.

Before you begin

  • It’s not possible to put an Index Page within a folder or put a folder within an Index Page.
  • It's not possible to put an Index Page within an Index Page or a folder within a folder.
  • Switching templates can sometimes cause folders to convert to Index Pages and Index Pages to convert to folders. Visit Switching templates FAQ for more information.


Folders are primarily used for creating drop-down menus in your navigation. This can be helpful if you want to group related pages together, minimize links in a navigation menu, or give your visitors quick access to the pages on your site. Folders are only an organization tool—they don't create a new page on your site.

Folder styles vary between templates. Some templates have style options to set the background color of the menu, choose whether it displays a + icon, and use different colors or fonts for sub-pages. 

Folder functionality also varies. In some templates, the menu opens on hover, and clicking the folder name takes you to the first page in the folder. In other templates, clicking the folder name opens the drop-down menu.

To learn more, visit Using folders.

Here's how a folder looks in the Pages panel of the Five template:

Here's how the folder looks to visitors on the Five template. 

Index Pages

The Index Page is a powerful design feature that creates a unique page on your site. The Index Page collects images and content from different pages, creating a landing page where visitors can browse your site's content. Clicking an Index Page link in the navigation leads to the Index Page itself. 

Index Pages look different in every template that supports them. Depending on your template, the content will be arranged as a grid of thumbnails, a scrolling page of stacked sections, or a full-screen slideshow. It may also create a drop-down menu in your navigation. 

An Index Page is useful as a landing page for more pages, such as a portfolio for galleries or projects. You can also use an Index Page to organize similar content in one place. It's common to set an Index Page as the homepage

To learn more, visit Using the Index Page.

Here's how the Index Page looks in the Pages panel of the Avenue template. The page icon may look different from the image shown here, depending on your template's Index Page style:

Here's how the Index Page looks to visitors on the Avenue template:

Should I use a folder or an Index Page?

It’s best to use folders to organize drop-down navigation menus and Index Pages to create a compelling overview of your content.

We recommend trying both options to determine which one works best for your site.

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Folders vs. Index Pages