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Disconnecting a third-party domain

Follow these steps to disconnect a third-party domain from your site.

Before you begin

  • This guide covers disconnecting domains you purchased elsewhere. To unlink a Squarespace Domain, visit Transferring a domain away from Squarespace.
  • If you're disconnecting your primary domain, set a new primary domain.
  • Disconnecting your domain from Squarespace won't change DNS records in your provider account. For help with these settings or connecting a non-Squarespace site to this domain, please contact your domain provider.
  • If you have a G Suite account linked to your third-party domain, disconnecting your domain won't cancel G Suite service. To completely cancel G Suite, follow our steps
  • If you're disconnecting a GoDaddy domain that you connected automatically, you'll need to manually disconnect from GoDaddy after following the steps in this guide.
  • When you delete an expired site from your account, all third-party domains connected to the site will automatically disconnect. 

Step 1 - Open the Domains panel

In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Domains.

You can also press the ? key while any panel is open and search domains.

Step 2 - Select the domain to disconnect

Select the third-party domain to disconnect.


Click Disconnect Domain.


Click Yes.


Step 3 - Edit your DNS records

Disconnecting your domain won't change its DNS records. To completely disconnect your domain from a Squarespace site, log into your account with your domain provider and edit your DNS records there.

The steps to edit DNS records are different for each provider and site host. Please contact your domain provider or visit their documentation for help.

Until your domain's DNS records are changed, your domain will point to Squarespace, but visitors will see an error message instead of your site.

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Disconnecting a third-party domain