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Managing your email preferences

As a Squarespace customer, you'll receive news and updates from us via email. You can opt out of some of these messages in your account dashboard.

We send these emails to your account email address, which you can change any time.

Tip: For help changing the email address for form submissions, visit Managing form and newsletter storage.
Note: To help you stay updated about your account, subscriptions, payments, domains, Email Campaigns, and Google Workspace account, we periodically send emails to site administrators and billing contributors. Since these emails include important information about your account, it isn't possible to unsubscribe from them.


Update your email preferences

To opt in or out of general Squarespace emails, like product updates, surveys, promotions, or our monthly newsletter:

  1. Click this link to open notification preferences in your account dashboard.
  2. Switch any of the toggles on or off. To opt out of all, click Unsubscribe All.
  3. Close the window to save your changes.

You can receive emails when a new order arrives, if a product is out of stock, or for new comments on a blog page. To opt in or out of these notifications:

  1. Click this link to open notification preferences in your account dashboard.
  2. Under My Sites, click the site where you’d like to adjust notifications.
  3. Switch toggles on or off for Comment Notifications and Store Notifications.
  4. Close the window to save your changes.
Tip: It's helpful for at least one person to stay subscribed to store updates so you don't miss new order emails.

Unsubscribe via email

Our optional emails have unsubscribe links in the footer. Unsubscribing via email will opt you out of that type of email for all of your sites, but you'll still receive some emails from us.

Commerce emails

As a merchant, you also receive automatic emails about activity in your store. 

Stock level alert email

Stock level alert emails tell you if a product's inventory is running low. You can set the quantity that triggers this alert for all products in your store. The email is sent to all contributors with admin and store manager permissions. To enable the email:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Low Stock Alerts.
  2. Switch on the Send Alerts toggle.
  3. Set the inventory threshold. When a product’s stock drops below this number, it triggers the email. 
  4. Click Save.

The email includes:

  • Your site name
  • The product name
  • The SKU, which shows the variant

To disable the email, switch the Send Alerts toggle off.

Receive order emails at a different address

You may want to receive important account email notifications at one address, and manage orders with another. To receive order emails at a different address:

  1. Invite the account to be an administrator or store manager for your site.
  2. Back in your main account, update your email preferences and switch the store emails toggle off.

Order emails will start sending to the new recipient address after you accept the contributor invitation from your new account.

Email notifications contributors receive

Contributors receive email notifications based on their permissions. To learn more, visit Squarespace permissions explained.

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Managing your email preferences