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Managing donations

This guide shows you how to manage donations received via a Donation Block, find information like donor email addresses, and export donations to a .csv file.

Donation Blocks are a Premium feature available in Business and Commerce plans.

Before you begin

  • To start collecting donations, first add a Donation Block to your site.
  • To ask donors to specify what their donation is for, add a custom form.
  • After you add a Donation Block, the Donations panel will appear in the Home Menu.
  • To use the Donation Block, connect a Stripe or PayPal account to your site. For help with this, visit Using Stripe or Accepting PayPal.
  • Transaction fees apply to donations.

Review all donations

In the Home Menu, click Donations.

The Donations Panel displays the 100 most recent donations. To view older donations, scroll to the bottom of the panel and older donations will load automatically.

The Donations panel includes:

  • Donation amount
  • Donation Block title
  • Billing name
  • Email address
  • Date received

View donation details

Click any donation to view it in more detail.

The Contribution Summary displays:

  • Donation Block title
  • Donation amount
  • Donor information, including name, email address, billing address, and phone number if entered
  • Additional information (if applicable)
  • ChargeID link
Note: Credit card details don't display in the summary. To view card details like last four digits, card type, or expiration date, click View in Stripe or View in PayPal.

View donors

View and manage donors from the Profiles panel. You can see the date of their first donation, their overall donation history, contact information, and if they're subscribed to any of your Email Campaigns mailing lists.

Export donations to a .csv

To export donations to a .csv file, click Export CSV. This is useful if you want a spreadsheet of donors for taking further action like sending thank you messages or preparing any gifts.

The exported file contains:

  • Donation Block title
  • Donation amount
  • Currency type
  • Donor name (first and last name in one column)
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone number (if entered)
  • Time and date of donation
Note: Additional Information collected in a Donation Block form isn't included in the exported file.

Refund a donation

You can refund donations from your Stripe or PayPal account. Donations can't be refunded in the Commerce panel.

To refund a donation, open it and click View in Stripe or View in PayPal.

  • In Stripe, click Refund Payment and select a full or partial refund.
  • In PayPal, follow these steps to issue a full or partial refund.

The refunded donation will still appear in the Donations panel. It isn't possible to remove refunded donations at this time.

Note: Refunding a donation won't refund the Stripe processing fee and Squarespace transaction fee.

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Managing donations