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You can register, transfer, or connect domains ending in or .uk to Squarespace. These domains are a great option if you have a business or professional presence in the United Kingdom.

The and .uk country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) follow different rules than most other TLDs we offer. This guide covers the specific requirements and features. 

To find a domain's price, you can search for it on our domain name search page or your Domains panel.

TLD features

Browse the table below to learn about the unique features and rules of registering or transferring a domain ending in either or .uk. See below for specific instructions on transferring and .uk domains to or away from Squarespace.



Address requirements (.uk only)

You must enter an address located in the UK to register or transfer a .uk domain.

Phone number requirements (.uk only)

Enter your phone number including the country code and leaving out any dashes. For example, if your country code if 44, you'd enter 441234567890.

Domain locking

Domains can't be locked.

Whois privacy

Whois privacy isn't available.

Email verification

After registering a domain, you’ll receive an email from Nominet—the registry that owns these TLDs—acknowledging your purchase. This email will come from and may include instructions for verifying your contact information. If you have any issues, contact Nominet directly.

Five-day registration grace period

There’s no five-day grace period to cancel these domains and no refunds.

Before you register the domain, ensure that you want to keep it. Double-check the domain for typos.

Free domain offer

You can use the free domain offer when registering a new or .uk domain. It's not possible to apply the offer when transferring a or .uk domain to Squarespace.

Registration contact options

There are two contacts: Owner and Admin. You won’t see Tech or Billing contact options.

Registrant type

To register or transfer a or .uk domain, you must choose a category that defines who is registering the domain. The options include individuals and several types of businesses and organizations. You'll select the category from a drop-down menu in the registration or transfer process.

You can change your registrant type at any time in the Domains panel. Click your or .uk domain, click Registration Information, then click Additional Information.

Registration number

Depending on the registrant type you select from the drop-down menu, you may need to add your government issued organization ID number. These are the registrant types that require this:

  • UK Limited company
  • UK Public limited company
  • UK Limited liability partnership
  • UK Industrial/provident registered company
  • UK School
  • UK Registered charity

Trading name

Depending on the registrant type you select from the drop-down menu, you may need to add the trading name of your organization. These are the registrant types that require this:

  • UK Limited company
  • UK Public limited company
  • UK Limited liability partnership
  • UK Industrial/provident registered company
  • UK Registered charity
  • Non-UK corporation
  • Other
  • UK Sole trader
  • Non-UK entity that does not fit another category

Transferring and .uk domains

These TLDs have special requirements and rules for transferring:

  • The domain must have less than five years of registration remaining. Domains with more than five years won't transfer.
  • You can transfer the domain away from Squarespace at any time. You don’t need to wait the usual 60 days after registering or transferring it.

Transfer pricing

The price to transfer the domain depends on how much time remains on the current registration:

  • If you have more than seven days left on your current registration, the transfer is free. However, we don't add one extra year of registration, as we do for other TLDs. During the transfer process, you'll enter your credit card information so we can charge you the standard price on your usual renewal date.
  • If the domain will expire within seven days, or if it's been less than 30 days since the domain expired, you'll pay the standard price for one year of registration when transferring in.

Transferring a domain to Squarespace

The process of transferring a or .uk domain to Squarespace is similar to that of other TLDs. These domains transfer slightly differently because there's no authorization code and there's an additional step to update the IPS tag. This is an overview of the process when transferring your or .uk domain:

  1. Contact your current provider to learn if they require you to unlock the domain prior to transfer. If so, unlock the domain.
  2. Start the domain transfer in your Squarespace site. The authorization code field won't appear because you don't need authorization codes to transfer this type of domain.
  3. Confirm the registration terms and billing. This will start the transfer process between Squarespace and your current provider.
  4. When prompted by the Domains panel, contact your provider and request that they update the domain's IPS tag to TUCOWS-CA. Only do this when prompted within Squarespace. Changing the tag too early can stall the transfer.
  5. The transfer completes soon after your domain provider updates the IPS tag. There might be a wait time, depending on when the provider updates the tag and pushes the change to their domain registry. If you don’t immediately see the transfer completed in your Domains panel, the transfer needs more time to finish.

For the full transfer process, visit Transferring a domain to Squarespace.

Transferring a domain away from Squarespace

You can transfer your domain away from Squarespace at any time. Unlike other TLDs, you don't need to unlock the domain or generate a transfer code to start the process.

To transfer your domain away from Squarespace:

  1. Start the transfer process with your new registrar.
  2. When prompted by the new host, contact us and request to change your IPS tag to the tag your registrar requires. Only do this when your new registrar requests the change. Changing the tag too early can stall the transfer.
  3. The transfer should complete immediately after we update the IPS tag, but it can sometimes take up to 72 hours to see the update in your Domains panel.
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