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Contributors overview

Inviting contributors allows multiple people to log into and work on your site. This is a great way to run a site as a team or hand off sites you're building for clients. Contributors can have different permissions based on their responsibilities and which settings they're allowed to see.

Each contributor needs their own Squarespace account. When they accept a contributor invitation, they can create an account for free or add the site to an existing account.

There is a two contributor limit for sites on the Website Personal plan. The Website Owner counts as a contributor.

Site ownership

  • When you create a new Squarespace site, you automatically become the Site Owner.
  • You can transfer ownership to another contributor any time, during or after the trial. You'll stay on as a contributor, which can be helpful if you'll continue working on the site.

Invite and remove contributors

Roles and permissions

Basic authors

  • To publish content by a guest or a general name without adding another contributor, add a basic author instead.
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Contributors overview