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Managing multiple domains

You can use multiple domains on one or more Squarespace sites to help potential visitors find you. All Squarespace plans let you register as many domains as you need to expand your reach.

This guide offers tips and best practices for managing multiple domains.

Note: Domains are separate from sites. To learn more about using multiple sites in your Squarespace account, visit Managing multiple sites. For more information about the difference between sites and domains, visit Web hosting vs. domain hosting.

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Multiple domains vs. multiple sites

Domains are separate from sites. If you think of your site as your home, your domain is the street address where people find you. Every home needs at least one address, but you might have extra addresses that forward to your primary address. You can also use an address without a home, like when you have a P.O. box.

Depending on your needs, you can:

  • Connect different domains to one site
  • Connect multiple domains to different sites or parking pages

To learn more about managing multiple sites and parking pages, visit Managing multiple sites.

Why use multiple domains?

Using more than one domain is a great way to direct traffic to your site and give visitors multiple ways to find you. Your other domains can capture common misspellings and keep competitors from registering similar domain names.

For example, if your domain is “,” you might also want to register “,” “,” or ""

Tip: For help finding the site where you linked your domain, use your account dashboard.

SEO for sites with multiple domains

Having multiple domains on one Squarespace site won't hurt your ranking in search engines. We prevent search engines from penalizing you for duplicate content by redirecting multiple domains to one primary domain.

To learn more, visit Multiple domains and SEO.


When you have multiple domains linked to the same site, keep the following in mind:

  • Each Squarespace domain is billed individually on its own billing cycle.
  • All Squarespace domains renew annually and are charged to the card on file for your site, even if the contact information is different for each domain.
  • Your domain subscriptions are separate from other site subscriptions. This means that if you cancel your site service, your domain doesn’t automatically cancel with it.
  • We recommend reviewing your domain options before canceling site service.

Add domains to your site

You can add a custom domain to your site in three ways:

Add multiple domains using one method, or all three.

If you already own a third-party domain, we recommend transferring it to Squarespace, rather than connecting it. This lets you manage all aspects of your site in one place.

Tip: If you use Google Search Console, you can review the terms visitors use to find your site, then register domains based on those search keyword trends.

Use domains without a site

To register domains, but prevent them from pointing to a site, you can start with a parking page. A parking page holds your Squarespace domain until you’re ready to link it to a Squarespace site. 

If you already have a third-party domain you’d like to park with Squarespace, you can transfer to a parking page.

Redirect a domain

If your site uses multiple domains, but you no longer want to point all of them to your primary domain, you have a few options. You can:

Note: If you’re leaving Squarespace, review your domain options before canceling site service.
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Managing multiple domains