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Tag Cloud Blocks

Use Tag Cloud Blocks to display categories or tags from a collection page in a graphic cloud formation. Each tag's text size is based on how often it's used on the connected page, meaning the tags you use most frequently display larger. You can display the tags in alphabetical order, by weight, or by activity.

Unterstützte Seiten

What types of pages your Tag Cloud Block can pull from depends on your site's version.

Ensure you've added categories or tags to the items in the collection page. Otherwise, the Tag Cloud Block will display empty.

Add a Tag Cloud Block

To add a Tag Cloud Block:

  1. Bearbeite eine Seite oder einfügemarkeinen Beitrag, klicke auf eine Einfügemarke und wähle Tag-Cloud aus dem Menü aus. Weitere Informationen findest du unter Inhalte mithilfe von Blöcken hinzufügen.
  2. In the Tag Cloud Block editor, select the page containing the tags or categories you want to display.
  3. Select Tags or Categories from the Display Type drop-down menu.
  4. Select a sort option from the Sort By drop-down menu.
  5. Use the slider to set the number of tags or categories that appear in your cloud, between 5 and 100.
  6. Klicken Sie auf Anwenden, um Ihre Änderungen zu speichern.

Sort options

In the Sort By drop-down menu, select how tags and categories sort in the block:

  • Alphabetical - Sorts the tags in alphabetical order from A to Z.
  • Weight - Sorts tags from most used to least used.
  • Activity - Sorts tags by most recently used to least recently used.
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