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Connecting Twitter to Squarespace

Twitter is a social networking platform where users share news, thoughts, and other content in 280 characters or less. Connecting Twitter is a great way to encourage users to engage with you. This guide explores different ways you can use Twitter with Squarespace.

Here's what you can do with this integration:

Ícone da rede social Botão de compartilhamento Publicar conteúdo Puxar conteúdo Outro
Sim Sim Sim Sim Sim

Connect your Twitter account

Para autorizar sua conta:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings.
  2. Clique em Connected Accounts (Contas Conectadas).
  3. Clique em Conectar Conta.
  4. Select Twitter from the Social Accounts menu. 
  5. Log in using your Twitter username and password. 

Adicionar um ícone de rede social

Para exibir um ícone de rede social:

  1. Em Menu Inicial, clique em Configurações.
  2. Clique em Links de Redes Sociais.  
  3. Add your Twitter profile link. 
  4. Marque Exibir Ícone de Redes Sociais
  5. Clique em Salvar

Para passos mais detalhados, acesse Como adicionar links de redes sociais.

Após você adicionar o link do Twitter, o ícone da rede social aparecerá automaticamente na maioria dos templates, mas não em todos. Também é possível adicionar o ícone de rede social usando o Bloco de Links de Redes Sociais.

Adicione um botão de compartilhamento

To help visitors share your content on Twitter, you can add a Twitter Share button to the following content:

  • Páginas de Eventos
  • Postagens de blog
  • Itens de produtos
  • Páginas de Layout (somente template Flatiron) 
  • Páginas de Galeria
  • Páginas de Álbum

Push content to Twitter automatically

To learn how to push content to Twitter and customize your posts, visit Sharing content on social media

Para solucionar problemas do conteúdo que aparece em suas publicações, acesse Como o conteúdo é exibido em publicações sociais.

Pull content from Twitter using a block

You can display tweets from your account, a feed of hashtags, mentions by handle, or general search terms using the Twitter Block. This is a great way to embed tweets on a page or blog post without using third-party widgets.

Add a Twitter Cover Page

You can use a Cover Page to display tweets and create a landing page, dedicated Twitter page, or single page site. The Echo and Status layouts support Twitter.


Adicione um Cartão do Twitter

Twitter Cards attach information, like images and product prices, to tweets, letting users preview content within their feeds. Squarespace Commerce sites are optimized for Twitter Cards.

Note: Twitter cards won't work if you have a password enabled. For help disabling a password, visit Removing a site-wide password and Removing a page password.

For a preview, use Twitter's URL validator:

  1. Open the Twitter Card validator.
  2. Add the URL you want to share, including the https:// at the beginning, and click Preview Card.
  3. A preview of your Twitter Card will appear under Card Preview.

To learn more about Twitter Cards or resolve any issues you see in the validator, visit Twitter's documentation.


Colete handles do Twitter

You can use the Form Block to collect visitors' Twitter handles. 

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Connecting Twitter to Squarespace