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Blocos de Markdown

Use Markdown Blocks to add text to your site with the Markdown language. Markdown Blocks support lists, links, bolded and italicized text, and block quotes.

Antes de começar

  • Visit our Markdown cheat sheet for syntax tips.
  • Markdown Blocks don't support multimarkdown.
  • We're unable to offer assistance with custom code, including the Markdown language. Using Markdown with Squarespace is recommended for people already familiar with Markdown language.

Assistir a um vídeo

Add a Markdown Block

To add a Markdown Block:

  1. Edit a page or post, click an insert point, and select Markdown from the menu. For help, visit Adding content with blocks.
  2. Add Markdown text in the Markdown box.
  3. You can highlight your Markdown text and use the toolbar to bold or italicize text, create links, use headings, add block quotes, or make lists.
  4. Clique em Aplicar para salvar as alterações.
  1. Toque no ícone de Páginas.
  2. Toque no título da página que deseja editar.
  3. Toque em Editar ou no ícone de lápis no canto superior direito.
  4. Toque no ícone + no canto superior direito para abrir o Bloco de Menu.
  5. Tap Markdown to add a Markdown Block.
  6. At the bottom of your screen, tap below Preview and Markdown to open the empty Markdown box.
  7. Enter your Markdown text. The Preview tab displays the text as it will render on your site. Tap the Markdown tab to see the formatting.
  8. Toque em Concluído ou em para salvar as alterações.

Use Markdown as your default editor

You can change the default blocks that appear in pages and posts to Markdown Blocks instead of Text Blocks:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Advanced.
  2. Click Default Text Editor.
  3. Check Markdown Editor, then click Save.

My cursor isn't lined up with the text

While editing the Markdown Block, the cursor may sometimes not align with the text. This can occur when first opening the block for editing and clicking into the Markdown box.

To realign the cursor with your text:

  1. Click into the Markdown box.
  2. Press Enter.
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