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Video Series: Next Steps with Squarespace

After you've created your site and added your content, you can take these next steps to make your site an engaging experience that attracts an audience. The series below will help you present content visually, create a blog, promote your content, optimize your site for search engines, and use custom code for advanced modifications.

If you're new to Squarespace and haven't watched our Getting Started with Squarespace video series, we recommend starting there first.

These videos apply to version 7.0. For help with version 7.1, visit Squarespace version 7.1.

1. Creating an engaging layout

Beyond adding content, you'll want to build your site with an eye-catching layout that engages your audience. This video shows how to build a beautiful site with image-focused templates, Index Pages, and Cover Pages.

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2. Creating & sharing content

Creating a blog with regularly updated content is a great way to increase traffic to your site. This video covers creating a blog, sharing posts on social media, and promoting your content across your site.

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3. Your site's footprint and usage

By defining your site's purpose and using keywords in a natural way, you can help search engines present your site to visitors interested in your content. This video offers questions to help you describe your site and reviews some best practices for search engines.

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4. Using Analytics

Use your site's Analytics panel to see how your site is performing and learn about visitor behavior. This video explains some of the basic settings, including how to see your site's traffic sources, review popular content, and how visitors interact with forms and buttons.

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5. Advanced customizations & adding custom code

If you're an experienced website builder, you can use custom code to add more modifications to your site. Watch this video to learn more about our Developer platform and the different ways to implement code.

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6. Moving forward

After you've completed this series, visit these guides to learn more about...

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Video Series: Next Steps with Squarespace