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Connecting SmugMug to Squarespace

SmugMug is a photo-sharing website and marketplace. This guide explores different ways you can use SmugMug with Squarespace.

Here's what you can do with this integration:

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Aggiungere un'icona social

Per visualizzare un'icona social:

  1. Nel Menu Home, clicca su Impostazioni.
  2. Clicca su Link social.
  3. Add your SmugMug profile link.
  4. Check Show Social Icon.
  5. Fai clic su Salva.

Per una procedura più dettagliata, consulta Aggiungere link social.

Dopo aver aggiunto il tuo link di SmugMug, l'icona social viene automaticamente visualizzata nella maggior parte dei modelli, ma non in tutti. Puoi anche aggiungere icone social utilizzando il Blocco link social.

Connect your SmugMug account

This information applies to version 7.0. Sites on version 7.1 can't connect to SmugMug because they use gallery sections instead of Gallery Pages.

Connect SmugMug to showcase SmugMug images on your site without manually adding them to pages or blocks. Visitors will view your images in a Gallery Page, and can click through to make purchases.

To connect your SmugMug account:

  1. Nel Menu Home, clicca su Impostazioni.
  2. Clicca su Connected Accounts (Account Connessi).
  3. Clicca su Connetti account.
  4. Select SmugMug from the Social Accounts menu.
  5. Enter your SmugMug Display Name in the SmugMug Nickname field. You can find your Display Name next to your profile photo on the homepage.
  6. Log in using your SmugMug username and password.
  7. Click Connect to SmugMug to connect your account.
Note: Your SmugMug Display Name is case-sensitive.

Import SmugMug images

This step will import your SmugMug images into a new Gallery Page on your site. You can import up to 50 images at a time.

Note: This is a one-time import and doesn't continually sync. Any changes made to your album in SmugMug after importing won't appear in the Gallery Page.
  1. In Connected Accounts, click Import Albums to Squarespace.
  2. Select the SmugMug album to import. You can import one album at a time.
  3. Select images from the album to import, and click Finish & Import.
  4. Your images will import to a new Gallery Page in the Not Linked section.
  5. Drag and drop these pages to other sections so they appear in your navigation menus.

Sell images on SmugMug (optional)

Each image will automatically have a clickthrough URL to its page on SmugMug. In templates that support clickthrough URLs on Gallery Pages, clicking the image will lead to a page where visitors can purchase the image through SmugMug. This SmugMug feature is separate from the Squarespace Commerce platform.

Guarda un video

Questo video si riferisce alla versione 7.0.

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Connecting SmugMug to Squarespace