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Using Tock for events

You can add an events block to link to Tock, our all-in-one tool for businesses in the hospitality industry, to promote events and sell tickets from your Squarespace site

Sign up for Tock

If you don't have a Tock account already, sign up now to create your first event. Keep in mind, Tock is a separate subscription, billed independently of your Squarespace subscription.

Add an events block

To add an events block:

  1. On your Squarespace site, click Edit on the page, post, or other content area where you'd like the widget to appear. You may want to use an events page to link to your Tock events.
  2. Click an insert point and select Events.
  3. If you don't have a Tock account, click Learn more or Create your first event. Otherwise, click Already a customer.
  4. Add your Tock URL slug to the Business URL slug field. This is the last part of your Tock URL, as bolded here:
  5. Click Design to select Button or Inline for the layout and make other design changes.
Tip: If your event is a one-time event, we recommend using the button layout rather than inline. The inline layout displays drop-down menus for time and date, which is better for recurring events, or other options like restaurant reservations.

This adds a Book now button to your site. The screenshot below shows how an events block displays on your site with the button layout and Tock logo enabled.


The following screenshot shows the pop-up window visitors see after clicking Book now.


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