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Nameservers and DNSSEC for Squarespace domains

If you registered your domain through Squarespace, you can review or change your nameservers and add a domain name system security extension (DNSSEC) record in the domain’s advanced settings.


Nameservers host information needed to point domains to specific locations online. For example, Squarespace’s default nameservers connect a domain by pointing to that domain’s DNS settings.

Review or change your nameservers in the domain's Advanced settings panel. You can add a minimum of two and maximum of 13 custom nameservers.

We don't recommend editing or using custom nameservers. Changing your domain's nameservers will break its link to your site and disconnect any linked Google Workspace account. We only recommend using custom nameservers when you want to add DNSSEC to your domain.

Note: Squarespace doesn't use nameservers for connecting third-party domains to your site.


DNSSEC is an advanced form of domain security. It verifies the DNS settings for visitors using public and private keys, to ensure that data from the domain wasn’t altered in transit to the visitor.

Squarespace doesn’t sell DNSSEC services. If you want to add DNSSEC to your domain, you can purchase it from a third-party.

Keep in mind:

  • Only domains with Squarespace Domains LLC as the registrar can add DNSSEC through Squarespace. To identify your domain’s registrar, visit Who’s my domain provider?
  • You must use custom nameservers to add DNSSEC.
  • You can only add one DNSSEC record to your domain.
  • Contact your third-party DNSSEC provider for the values needed to add a DNSSEC record.

Open the domain's advanced settings

Make changes to your nameservers or add DNSSEC in the advanced settings panel:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Domains. If you're using a parking page, start by clicking the domain name in your parking page menu.
  2. Under Squarespace domains, click the domain name. If you have multiple Squarespace domains, you'll manage them separately.
  3. Click Advanced settings. The advanced settings panel has two tabs, Nameservers and DNSSEC.
  4. Click the Nameservers tab to review or change your domain’s nameservers. The options in the tab are:
    • Use Squarespace nameservers - Keep or add Squarespace’s default nameservers. Any records added to the domain’s DNS settings panel will apply to the domain.
    • Use custom nameservers - Remove Squarespace’s nameservers to enter new ones. If you add custom nameservers to your domain, the records in the domain’s DNS settings panel won’t apply to the domain.
  5. To change your nameservers, click Use custom nameservers, then enter the information for at least two nameservers. Click Save in the top-right corner.
  6. Click the DNSSEC tab to add or remove DNSSEC. If your domain is registered to Squarespace Domains, LLC and is using custom nameservers, these fields show in the tab:
    • Key tag
    • Algorithm
    • Digest type
    • Max sig life (optional)
    • Digest
  7. Enter information from your third-party DNSSEC provider in the fields, then click Send to registry. When the information is successfully submitted, a “DNSSEC signed” message will display in the panel.
  8. To change or delete the DNSSEC record, click Remove DNSSEC. This removes the DNSSEC information from the domain and registry. You can add a new DNSSEC record by completing the fields again, or leave the fields blank to delete the record.
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Nameservers and DNSSEC for Squarespace domains