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Moving from Mailchimp to Squarespace Email Campaigns

Squarespace Email Campaigns is a unique way to grow audiences and communicate with your following while staying true to your site's brand and designs. Create professional campaigns and build robust mailing lists all within your Squarespace site.

If you use Mailchimp for your newsletter or other types of email marketing and want to move to Email Campaigns, follow this guide to get started.

Squarespace Email Campaigns features

Email Campaigns includes:

  • Complete campaign and mailing list integration with your Squarespace website or online store
  • Professionally designed campaign templates with customizable styling so you can match your site’s look and feel
  • Automations for mailing list subscribers and online store customers that send for different events or behavior
  • Campaign sections for inserting products from your store page or blog posts from your blog page
  • Option for converting blog posts directly into campaigns upon publication
  • Built-in analytics tools for measuring engagement and unsubscribes
  • Specific subscriber targeting with segment creation in the profiles panel

To learn more, visit Getting started with Squarespace Email Campaigns.

Step 1 - Explore our features with a free trial

We recommend exploring Email Campaigns before subscribing to see if it’s right for you. You can build mailing lists, draft campaigns, and send up to three blast campaigns during your free trial.

Certain features, like automations, aren’t available during the trial, but it should give you a sense of what creating and sending campaigns is like. We recommend keeping your Mailchimp account active until you’ve successfully imported your mailing lists and set up your campaigns to your liking in Squarespace.

Step 2 - Move your contacts from Mailchimp to Squarespace

In your Mailchimp account, you can export contacts from your audiences as a .csv file. If you’re having trouble exporting, contact Mailchimp for more help with this process. After you’ve exported a .csv file or files from Mailchimp, you can import them to your Email Campaigns mailing lists.

Ensure the .csv is formatted correctly, with the first three fields displaying the contact’s email address, first name, and last name, in that order. If the .csv is formatted correctly, but you're still seeing import failures, review our best practices to ensure you’re uploading a list that meets our criteria.

You can also export other Mailchimp account data, but it’s not currently possible to import this information into Squarespace.

Step 3 - Continue building mailing lists

You can use newsletter signup forms on your site to collect more email addresses for your mailing lists. This includes newsletter blocks, which can be added to any block content area, as well as promotional pop-ups, newsletter signup at checkout for online stores, and newsletter opt-in for Squarespace Scheduling.

If you’re already using Mailchimp with forms on your site and you’re still not sure if Email Campaigns is right for you, you can leave your Mailchimp audience connected and connect to an Email Campaigns mailing list simultaneously.

Step 4 - Draft and send blast campaigns

In your Email Campaigns dashboard, click Create, then click Blast to start building a campaign. Pick a professionally designed template and replace our demo content with yours, or start with a blank template to build your campaign from scratch.

Add content to your campaigns including text, images, buttons, spacers, lines, blog posts, and products, then style the fonts and colors to match your website’s brand.

Step 5 - Upgrade to paid service

When you’re ready, subscribe to Email Campaigns. You can sign up for a monthly or annual billing cycle, and choose from a variety of plans depending on your mailing list size and how many campaigns you want to send monthly.

Step 6 - Cancel service with Mailchimp

If you no longer need your Mailchimp account, you can cancel it after you’ve subscribed to Email Campaigns. Ensure you disconnect Mailchimp from the storage of your site’s newsletter blocks and other newsletter signups. If you connected the Mailchimp extenstion, disconnect it.

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Moving from Mailchimp to Squarespace Email Campaigns