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Using undo and redo in Squarespace

You can use undo and redo options in various parts of the Squarespace platform to undo recent changes or reapply them again. After saving your changes, you can't automatically undo them.

While this feature functions similarly throughout the platform, each undo/redo feature operates independently. For example, you can't undo changes made to page content with the undo arrow in Email Campaigns.

Undo and redo arrows

The undo and redo arrows look like this:


The arrow that points left is undo, while the one that points right is redo. The arrows are solid when there are changes that you can undo or redo. If they're grayed out, there aren't changes that can be undone or redone.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to undo or redo changes:

  • On Mac, press + Z to undo and + Y to redo
  • On Windows, press Ctrl + Z to undo and ctrl + Y to redo

These shortcuts aren't available in the site styles panel on version 7.0 or the image editor.

Undo and redo content changes

This feature is for version 7.1. To undo a recent change in version 7.0, click Cancel while in the editor to revert to the previous version of the page. If you click Save, you'll have to manually undo any changes.

When you click Edit on a page in version 7.1 and make changes, you can click the undo and redo arrows in the top-left corner of the editor. They apply to most things you can change in the page editor, including blocks, sections, section styles, and site styles.

If you hover over Done and click Save on the page, this ends your session and any changes you made can't be undone or redone anymore.

What isn't affected by undo and redo

Some edits won't be affected by undo and redo, including changes to:

  • Chart block data
  • Donation blocks
  • Form block content and storage
  • Image block focal point and filename
  • Image changes made in the image editor (use the image editor undo and redo instead)
  • Gallery section images
  • Linked social accounts, either in the social links block or the header
  • Newsletter block storage and some content

Other undo and redo options

Other undo/redo options work similarly. After saving changes, your session ends and any changes can't be undone or redone automatically anymore. Refer to the table below for more information on where to find these options.

Site area Version 7.1 sites Version 7.0 sites
Email Campaigns The undo/redo arrows appear in the top-right corner of the campaign editor. Same as version 7.1 sites.
Image editor The undo/redo arrows appear in the top-left corner of the image editor. Same as version 7.1 sites.
Site styles The site styles undo/redo arrows are the same as the page editor undo/redo arrows. The site styles undo/redo arrows display at the top of the site styles panel.
Text editor Undo/redo arrows display in text toolbars for text boxes in side panels. For text areas in the site editor, use the undo/redo arrows in the top-left of content areas to undo or redo text changes instead.  The text editor undo/redo arrows appear in text blocks, collection items, and other content areas with a text toolbar.
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