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Managing members

We automatically create a member profile for each site visitor who signs up for a membership to one of your member areas. You can view and manage members in the Profiles panel. Use the Members filter in the Profiles panel to:

  • Identify all members of a single member area
  • View key information like membership history, email address, and total money spent
  • Organize members using notes and tags

View member profiles

All member profiles display an email address and name. To view all members:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Member Areas, then select Manage members.
  3. Click Members.
  4. Sort the list by details like name and email address.
  5. Use the Membership drop-down menu to view all members of a single member area, or click More filters for other filter options.
  6. Click a profile to see an overview of their engagement with your site.
  7. Click on the Member details card to see a list of their memberships.

When a member area has a set amount or recurring membership fee, its members also appear in the Customers filter of the Profiles panel.

Issue a membership refund

To issue a refund to a member for their membership fee:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then Orders.
  2. Select the order to open the order summary.
  3. Click Issue refund, then enter the amount and click Issue refund.

The member will receive a refund for the amount specified, but won’t lose membership to your member area.

Cancel a membership

To cancel someone’s membership to one or more of your member areas:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Member Areas, then select Manage members.
  3. Search for the member’s profile by name or email address.
  4. Click on the member’s profile, then click Member details.
  5. Under Memberships, locate the member areas you want to cancel the user’s membership to, then click Cancel.
  6. Click Confirm.

After you cancel a user's membership, they can sign back up for your member area by logging into their customer account and paying the membership fee (if applicable).

Help members with their customer accounts

You're responsible for managing your members and helping them with any issues they may have when accessing their customer accounts. Learn more our best practices for helping your members in the Help your account holders section of our customer accounts guide.

Saved payment methods

Members who pay recurring membership fees or a set amount membership fees with installments must save a payment method to their customer account. Only members can edit their saved payment information; you can't edit this information on their behalf. Learn more about how members save payment methods in our Customer accounts guide.

Note: If your member's bank is located in India and their membership fee renewal or installment payment fails, you'll need to tell them to update their saved payment method in their customer account. They'll need to do this for every membership renewal payment failure.

Contributor email notifications

Contributors with Site Owner, Administrator, and Store Manager permissions receive email notifications when:

  • A new member signs up for membership to a member area
  • A new member pays the membership fee for a member area
  • A member pays the recurring membership fee for a member area
  • A member's payment of an ongoing membership fee (either recurring or installment) fails.
  • A member cancels their membership

Member analytics

When members pay the membership fee to access a member area on your site or navigate to member area pages, these actions are reflected in Squarespace analytics. Regardless of your website plan, you’ll have access to each analytics panel listed below.

Sales analytics

All six sales analytics key performance indicators (Revenue, Units Sold, Order, Conv. Rate, AOV, and RPV) include data for membership sales. This includes the revenue from all membership fee payments, both set amount and recurring.

Sales by product analytics

Sales by product analytics lists each member area you sell, along with values for Revenue, Units Sold, and Orders for each. Each time a member pays a membership fee, the revenue you take in from set amount or recurring payments appears in this panel.

The Views and Conv. rate columns are always blank, as these KPIs only apply to products sold online.

Purchase funnel analytics

Visitors to your site who explore member areas and purchase a membership are included in the Visits, Started Checkout, and Purchased stages of the purchase funnel. Member area purchases are excluded from the Viewed product and Added to card stages, as these steps aren’t a part of the purchase flow for member areas.

Subsequent charges of membership fees (either recurring or installments) aren’t included in purchase funnel analytics.

Traffic sources analytics

In traffic sources analytics, view where visitors to your site are coming from before they purchase membership to one of your member areas. This panel also includes detailed sales information, such as Revenue generated by each traffic source.

Site content analytics

Your member area pages appear in the Site Content panel. See how popular the pages in your member areas are, and how many pageviews they get compared to the rest of your site. A site visitor must have a membership to your member area to count as a pageview. Views to a member area’s access denied screen won't count toward pageview tracking.

Contact a member

To contact a member:

  1. In the Home menu, click Profiles, then click Members.
  2. Click the member you want to contact.
  3. Click Member details, then click their email address to open a new email.

To send a blast campaign to multiple members at once, build a mailing list of your members and create an email campaign.

Migrate members

You can’t sign someone up for a member area on their behalf. Each member must personally sign up for a membership and establish their own customer account with login credentials. It isn’t possible to create or import member profiles manually.

If you currently use a third-party extension to sell access to gated content, or you’re migrating to Squarespace from another platform that has a similar feature, your members will need to re-establish their memberships after you subscribe to Member Areas. Contact your former members to let them know of this change, and invite them to sign up for your new member areas. To ensure a smooth transition for your members, consider the options below.

Offer discounted membership

Create a discount code to give your former members discounted or free memberships to individual member areas on your site. You may want to set a date for when the discount expires, and let your former members know that they have until that time to use the code. Any members who miss the deadline would then have to pay the full membership fee to regain access to your member areas.

If you have a Commerce Advanced plan, you can limit the maximum number of uses per discount to prevent members from over using the discount code.

Give exclusive early access

Before you publicly advertise your member areas, password protect a page on your site that contains member sign up blocks for your member areas, then send the password to your old members. Set the membership fee to free for a limited time, and let your old members know how much time they have to sign up for free.

At the end of that time period, remove the page password, change the membership fee, and begin promoting your member areas to new members.

Send an email campaign about the change

Build a mailing list with all your old members and create an email campaign letting them know how to sign up for your new member areas. If you created a discount code or password protected a sign-up page, include this information in your email blast.

This sample message walks your old users through signing up with a discount code:

We’re using a new feature for hiding members-only pages on our site. If you want to continue viewing the content you previously purchased access to, sign up for one of our new member areas using the discount code FREEMEMBER2020. You have until December 31, 2021 to use this discount code. After that date, you’ll have to pay the membership fee again to access our member areas.

To sign up:

  1. Visit our member areas page.
  2. Locate the member area you want to join, then click Sign up.
  3. Fill out the form and click Create account.
  4. Enter the discount code FREEMEMBER2020 at checkout.
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