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How members access their customer account

When a visitor to your site signs up for one of your member areas, they must create a customer account and pay the membership fee (if applicable). From there, they can log into their account to access member area content, manage their information, and view orders.

This guide covers how members create and manage their customer accounts.

How members create accounts

Visitors sign up for one of your member areas using a join button in a member sign up block or on the member area's access denied screen. If the member area has two membership fee options, they’ll select a fee option. After clicking the join button, they’ll be prompted to create a customer account or log into an existing account. To make a new account, members enter their name and email, and create login credentials.

What happens after a new member creates or logs into their customer account depends on the member area’s membership fee:

  • Free - New members are automatically taken to the member area homepage and receive the member area’s welcome email.
  • Set amount or recurring fees - New members continue to a checkout screen where they must enter their payment information and complete the checkout flow before accessing the member area’s homepage. In addition to the welcome email, they’ll also receive a receipt for their purchase.

How members sign in

To sign into their customer accounts and access your member area pages, your members use a login link in your main navigation. Depending on your site's version, this link appears automatically when you enable Member Areas. Learn more about the login link display.

Members can also log into their accounts from any member area’s access denied screen.

Tip: While site visitors can create customer accounts on your site by clicking Create account on the login screen, they can only become members by going through the steps above.

What members see when they sign in

After a member signs into their account, the customer account panel opens on the right side of the screen. What appears in this panel depends on how you've customized your member navigation:

  • If your Member Navigation is set to Show in the Customer Account Panel, members see links to all pages in the member areas to which they have a membership. Members can access their customer account and review their membership details by clicking Account.
  • If you selected Replace main navigation (Version 7.1 only) or Don't show navigation, members will automatically see their customer account details in the panel, not links to member areas pages.

Members can close the Customer Account panel by clicking anywhere on your site outside of the panel.

How members review their memberships

Members can view and manage their memberships from their customer account. After logging in, they click Account, and then Memberships. All member areas to which they have a membership are listed in the memberships section.

Members can click a member area to view their membership start date and a link to the member area’s homepage. If the member area has a recurring membership fee, or a set amount membership fee with remaining installments, its members also see the following details:

  • Renewal date - The date of their next recurring or installment payment
  • Frequency - How often they pay recurring or installment payments to maintain access to the member area
  • Fee - The membership fee amount
  • Go manage subscription - Members can click this link to manage their saved billing information

How members cancel their memberships

When a member cancels their membership, you’ll receive an email notification. The member won’t receive a refund for payments already made. If the member area has remaining membership fee payments (either recurring or installments), all subsequent payments will be automatically canceled.

If a member asks how to cancel their membership to a member area, tell them:

  1. Log into your customer account.
  2. Click Account, then click Memberships.
  3. Click the member area you want to cancel your membership to.
  4. If you have remaining payments: click Go manage subscription. Otherwise, move to the next step.
  5. Click Cancel subscription, then click Cancel subscription again to confirm.

After a member cancels their membership, they'll lose access to the gated content in your member area. They'll still have access to their customer account, but they won't see navigation links to members-only content. 

How members log out

To log out of their customer accounts, members click Account, then Sign out. After logging out, they'll be redirected to your site's homepage.

Depending on their browser, members may be automatically logged out of their customer accounts after they've been inactive for a certain length of time.

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How members access their customer account