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Adding forms to your site

To collect information from visitors, you can add a variety of forms to your Squarespace site. While many of these forms are flexible, some are more suited than others to specific situations.

Review this guide to learn about adding different types of forms to your site and find the best option for collecting the information you need.

Form blocks - Customizable, multi-field forms

Use form blocks to collect general information from visitors. You can customize the form fields to collect the exact details you need, making these ideal for contact forms, surveys, polls, applications, and more.

You can add form blocks to layout pages, blog posts, footers, and any other block content area. Form blocks are great to use on contact pages or other areas where visitors go to submit specific information. Form blocks look like this:


Cover page forms (version 7.0 only)

You can set up similar multi-field forms in the action panel of cover pages on version 7.0 sites. This is useful when you want to use a cover page as a landing page and collect information from visitors immediately.

Newsletter blocks - Forms for collecting email addresses

Use newsletter blocks to collect email addresses, build mailing lists, or set up blog subscriptions. Customize the block to collect names and email addresses or email addresses only.

You can add newsletter blocks to layout pages, blog posts, footers, and any other block content area. Newsletter blocks are great to use on blog pages or news pages where visitors might feel compelled to subscribe to stay up-to-date with your content. Newsletter blocks look like this:


Other newsletter subscribe options

You can also add a newsletter signup to:

  • Cover pages (version 7.0 only) - Useful when the rest of your site is under construction and you want to keep visitors updated.
  • Promotional pop-ups - Useful when you want to catch visitors’ eyes or collect email addresses from visitors when they land on a specific page.
  • Your checkout page - Useful when you want to build a mailing list to drive future sales. See Commerce forms below for more details.

Commerce forms - Product and checkout forms

On Business and Commerce plans, you can set up an online store, sell products, and take donations. To collect information from customers, use the following options.

Newsletter subscribe at checkout

Add a newsletter subscribe option at checkout to collect email addresses during the checkout process. This is a great way to build a customer base and let customers know when you’re selling new products, running promotions, or putting on sales.

This option appears for all customers, regardless of their purchase. It looks like this:


Custom checkout form

Set up a custom checkout form to collect additional information from customers, like gift messages or special delivery instructions. A custom checkout form appears for all customers, regardless of their purchase. It looks like this:


Custom product forms

Set up custom product forms to collect personalized information for a product, like custom engraving or lettering instructions. These forms are product-specific, and each product can have its own. Custom product forms overlay your site when a customer adds a product to their cart:


Custom donation forms

Add a custom donation block form to collect additional information from donors, like if they want to give in someone’s honor or specify where the donation should go. Donation forms look like this:


Form storage

Most forms require setting up a storage option where your submissions will be sent. Depending on the form type, you can connect to Squarespace Email Campaigns, an email address, or third-party services. To learn more, visit Managing form and newsletter storage.

Custom product forms, custom checkout forms, and custom donation forms don’t require a storage option. Custom product and custom checkout form information displays in order notification emails and order summaries in the Commerce panel. Custom donation form information displays in contribution summaries in the donations panel.

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Adding forms to your site