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Hiring a Squarespace Expert

You can hire an independent designer to help you with your site through Squarespace Marketplace. Marketplace is powered by 99designs, a creative platform that helps clients and creative professionals find each other and collaborate. In Marketplace, designers are called Squarespace Experts.

Squarespace Experts are among the most experienced and active members of our professional user community, Squarespace Circle. They're vetted for their work quality, technical skills, years of Squarespace experience, and client-first approach.

This guide reviews the different services available through Marketplace and how to work with an Expert.

Expert services

Through Marketplace, Experts offer eight main types of services. The price of your project will vary depending on what you need, but you'll see the starting prices for each on the project brief form before submitting your request.

Here are the different services available in Marketplace:



Full site builds

Build a brand new website or online store, redesign an existing site, or migrate a site to Squarespace.

Online store setup

Add eCommerce features to an existing site. Add products, connect payment processors, customize categories, and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Audit an existing site or consult on your long-term SEO strategy.

Design review

Fully audit and refresh your site's design, create custom design work, add finishing touches, and more.


Add online booking to your site through Squarespace Scheduling so visitors can book and pay for appointments.

Site functionality

Update your existing site layout, connect third-party integrations and extensions, add custom code, customize UX/UI, and more.

Small site tasks

Make smaller adjustments like content spacing, adding a custom domain, creating a form, add a custom font, and more.

Training and support

Receive personalized web training and general help with your Squarespace products.

Project checklist

Before finding an Expert, go through this checklist. Identifying your needs and goals will help you answer the questions in the project brief that you'll submit to prospective Experts:

  1. Outline your project goals. Do you want to sell products? Will you be frequently publishing new content, such as a blog? Will visitors need to book appointments? Consider all the features that your site might need.
  2. Create a wishlist of the features you’ll need to achieve your goals. This list will help your Expert accurately assess your needs.
  3. Gather all of your copy, images, logo files, and any creative assets you'll need on your website. We recommend keeping them in a digital folder you can easily share with your Expert. If you don’t have these, but would like your Expert to create them, note this in your project brief.
  4. Find some examples of other brands, websites, or ideas you admire to help your Expert get a sense of your preferred style.
  5. Decide your budget range, preferred payment timing (for example, installments or monthly payments), and your desired timeline. This will help your Expert give you the most accurate quote possible. The price of your project will depend on your specific needs.

Once you have some answers, you're ready to submit your project brief. If you don't have every answer now, don’t worry. Your Expert can also help you refine your project as you go.

Find an Expert

Browse the Marketplace directory to invite an Expert to work with you. Alternatively, you can “get matched,” where you answer questions about your project needs and goals and invite up to five Experts to your project.

Option 1 - Search for an Expert

Browse the directory for an Expert:

  1. Visit Squarespace Marketplace and browse the Expert directory. You can filter by industry and project type. Click an Expert’s profile to see their past projects and reviews from previous clients.
  2. When you find an Expert you like, click Choose this Expert. The project brief form will appear.
  3. Complete the project brief, describing your project needs and goals.
  4. Once you submit your project brief, you’ll be taken to 99designs to create an account and officially invite the Expert to your project. They'll review your brief and either request more information, provide a quote, or decline to work on the project.

Option 2 - Get matched with an Expert

Answer questions to see a selection of recommended Experts:

  1. Visit Squarespace Marketplace and click Get Matched. The project brief form will appear.
  2. Complete the project brief, describing your project needs and goals.
  3. After submitting the project brief, you’ll be taken to 99designs to create an account. From there, you’ll browse recommended Experts for your project.
  4. Invite up to five Experts to your project. They'll review your project brief and either request more information, provide a quote, or decline to work on the project.
  5. Review quotes, and choose an Expert to work with. You can also let the other Experts you invited know that you’ve chosen to work with someone else.

What to look for when choosing an Expert

Before you browse Experts, think about what will matter most for your project. Consider these factors:

  • Background - Squarespace Experts have experience with projects of all sizes and across various industries. When you browse Experts, use the Project types and Industries filters to refine your search.
  • Portfolio - By reviewing an Expert’s past projects, you can see their strengths and get a sense of their style.
  • Technical skills - Experience with custom code or third-party integrations may be important for your site.
  • Location - A local Expert can be helpful if you prefer someone who understands your region or can relate to your clientele and culture. You may also prefer meeting about your project in person.
  • SEO experience - An Expert with SEO experience can optimize your site so potential customers can easily find you online and help make your website stand out.
  • Support after publishing - An Expert might work with brand new sites, assist with ongoing site maintenance, or both. Deciding what you need after publishing your site will help narrow down your search.

Project pricing

Project fees for websites can vary widely, even for projects that look similar. The Experts you invite through 99designs will send you quotes if they’re interested in your project, and you’ll decide whether to hire them. You'll see the starting prices of each project on the project brief form before submitting your project request.

After choosing an Expert, you'll both decide on the final project cost together. Payments must be made on the 99designs platform using one of their accepted payment methods.

Any arrangement to work on your site will be between you and the Expert. If you have a disagreement with an Expert that can’t be resolved on your own, 99designs’ support team can help.

Marketplace policies and terms

When you find an Expert and you both agree to the project scope, you'll accept their quote and submit payment. 99designs holds your payment and only releases it to the Expert when you say to—either at project milestones or when the work is complete. Learn more about how 99designs handles payments.

Reporting a bad experience with an Expert

Any arrangement to work on your site will be between you and the Expert. We recommend reviewing 99designs’ best practices to learn more about what to expect before getting started.

If you have a disagreement with an Expert that can’t be resolved on your own, you may want to report them to 99designs. Squarespace will also follow up with a brief survey where you can leave a review of your experience.


How long will my project take?

Your timeline depends on the scope and complexity of your project. When you submit your project brief, ensure you include your ideal timeline, and the Expert will factor this into their quote.

How do I become a Squarespace Expert?

The Squarespace Marketplace team is not currently accepting new applications, as we're developing new standards. Once the new standards are live, we'll invite eligible Circle Members to apply and process applications on an as-needed basis. To learn more, log into your Circle account to view the Marketplace FAQ for Experts.

If you’re not a Circle member yet, learn about eligibility and sign up on the Circle website.

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Hiring a Squarespace Expert