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Limited availability labels

Enable limited availability labels to display product availability and flag items that are low in stock. This is a great option for merchandising products if you sell one-of-a-kind or limited-edition items. Limited availability label settings apply to all physical and service products in your store, and display on store pages and product details pages.


Limited availability labels are available in the Commerce Basic and Advanced Plans.

Enable limited availability labels

To set up limited availability labels:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Product status.
  2. Click Limited Availability.
  3. Switch on the Show Label toggle.
  4. Click the Text drop-down menu to customize the label.
  5. Choose from pre-written labels that automatically pull in the stock level for each product, or click Custom Message to write your own.
  6. Click the Display when drop-down menu to set the stock threshold. The label displays when any product’s inventory drops below this threshold.
  7. Choose where limited availability labels display.
    • Collections & Blocks - Displays labels on store pages, summary blocks, and product blocks. This setting also displays labels on product Quick View.
    • Store pages - Displays labels on individual product details pages.
  1. Click Save.

Limited availability labels won't display for service products unless you enable Service product limits in Checkout settings.

Style the label

You can style your limited availability labels to ensure they fit your site's brand or stand out from your site's content.

Limited availability labels follow your general font and color tweaks for your site, but you can style them separately following these steps:

  1. Open the page editor, open site styles, then click Fonts.
  2. Click Miscellaneous. Limited availability labels follow the Miscellaneous settings. 
  3. Make changes and click Save.
  4. Go back to the Site styles panel and click Colors, then click Section themes.
  5. Click the pencil icon on your chosen theme.
  6. Edit the Limited Availability Alert tweaks. You'll see one for your store page, one for product details pages, and one for product blocks.
  7. Click Save.

To style limited availability labels:

  1. In the Home menu, click Design, then click Site styles.
  2. Under Product: Details, edit Limited Availability Label Color and Font.
  3. Click Save.

Next steps

Now that you’ve enabled limited availability labels, explore these other options for merchandising your products:


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Limited availability labels