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Number, date, and currency formatting for forms

Some Squarespace form fields currently only support United States number, date, and currency formatting, even on sites set to other languages. This applies to your form blocks, product/variant pricing and dimensions, and your Squarespace account information.

Review this guide to find the supported formatting for dates, numbers, and currency.


The decimal separator is represented by a period, not commas.

Yes: 0.8 KG
No: 0,8 KG

In language and region settings, you can choose metric as your measurement standard.


The Date form field is in MM/DD/YY formatting.

For example, enter 10 December 2018 as 12/10/18.


The currency symbol displays before the number.

Yes: €12.50
No: 12.50€

The form block displays the symbol for USD by default. In the form field, delete the symbol to add a new one.

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Number, date, and currency formatting for forms