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Marketing your Squarespace site

Use Squarespace's suite of marketing tools and integrations to help drive traffic to your site or grow your business.

Site Owners and contributors with Administrator and Reporting permissions can access the Marketing panel.

Make your site discoverable with SEO

Improve your ranking in search results by helping search engines and visitors find and understand your content:

To learn more about Squarespace and SEO, visit What Squarespace does for SEO and Increasing your visibility to search engines. You can also sign up for a live, expert-led webinar on growing your audience.

Collect leads to build a following

Relay important updates or information to your visitors and customers with these built-in tools:

Engage your customers with email campaigns

Drive engagement by sending branded marketing email campaigns. You can set up Squarespace Email Campaigns on any Squarespace site.

With Squarespace Email Campaigns you can:

If Squarespace Email Campaigns isn't right for you, we also have an integration with Mailchimp.

Promote your business through social platforms

Expand your audience by connecting your site to social media with these integrations:

Create ads

Advertise your site around the web with these integrations and features:

If you're interested in placing ads on your site, see our tips for using third-party services like Google AdSense.

Track your performance

Track your site's performance and use that knowledge to continue growing your business with our robust Analytics features:

  • Create unique, trackable URLs with URL Builder to track the impact of your ads.
  • See where your visitors are coming from and which referrers are the most valuable to your site in Traffic Sources.
  • Track how products are selling in Sales Analytics.
  • Learn what keywords are driving visitors to your site with Search Keywords.
  • Track form conversions, popular content, and your purchase funnel in Analytics.

Learn more in a webinar

In addition to our guides and video tutorials, we offer a Growing your Audience webinar. In this live session, we’ll walk you through the basics of Squarespace’s built-in Marketing, SEO, and Analytics. Webinars typically last one hour, and you don’t need a Squarespace site or account to sign up.

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Marketing your Squarespace site