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Adding a delivery option

If you hand-deliver your orders, create a flat rate shipping option called Delivery, and add a custom checkout form to allow customers to select a date and time that works best for them. You can only add a flat rate shipping option to physical products.

Tip: If you run a restaurant or another business in the hospitality industry and need a delivery option separate from Squarespace Commerce, we recommend Tock, our all-in-one management tool for reservations, orders, tables, and events.

Create a delivery option

Add a flat rate shipping option for delivery:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, and then click Shipping.
  2. Click Add Shipping Option.
  3. Select Flat Rate.
  4. In the Option Name field, enter Delivery. This is what customers will see when they select a shipping option at checkout.
  5. Enter the delivery price in the Per Item and Per Order fields.
  6. If you're based in the United States or Canada, click Shipping zones to restrict the delivery option to customers in your city, state, or province, and further restrict by postal code. You can also create multiple flat rate delivery options to charge different fees based on location.
  7. Enter your country, click Edit, and ensure only your state or province is selected. To apply the rule to specific postal codes, click Edit next to a state or province. To learn more, visit Creating shipping zones.
  8. Click Done to return to the shipping option editor. 
  9. Save.

Add a custom checkout form for delivery information

After you add the delivery option, add a custom checkout form to collect delivery instructions. For example, you can ask customers to enter their phone numbers, where they'd like you to leave the delivery, and when they'll be home to receive it.

Note: The same custom checkout form shows for all shipping options you offer, so keep this in mind if you also ship orders.

To add a delivery form to checkout:

  1. Create a custom checkout form.
  2. Name the form Delivery Instructions.
  3. Add form fields for all of the information you need for delivery. For example, use the Date, Select, and Phone fields. Use this template as a guide:


  1. Click Save when you're finished.

This is how the form displays at checkout:


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