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Exporting products to a .csv

You can export your Squarespace Commerce products to a .csv file. With this editable .csv file, you can import your products to third-party services, save a copy for your records, bulk-edit your inventory, or import your products into another Squarespace site.

Before you begin

  • Third-party services may require different formatting. When uploading products to another service, edit your .csv file to fit their specific requirements.
  • The export .csv uses the same format as our import .csv, with an additional column for pages. The pages column isn't used when importing.  Download an example .csv file here.


  • This is a one-time export. Any updates to your original store or .csv won't automatically sync to Squarespace after the export.
  • You can only export physical and service products. You can’t export digital products.
  • You can only export three variant options per product (e.g., color, size, material). Additional variant options won’t appear in the .csv file.
  • Additional product information, thumbnail images, and variant images don't export. 
  • You can export up to 10,000 products. Each variant counts as a unique product. Products beyond this limit won’t appear in the .csv file.

Export your products

To export product

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Inventory
  2. Click Export all.

To export specific products, click the products in the Inventory Panel, then click Export selected in the bottom-right corner. 

Re-importing your products

After exporting your products, you can import the .csv file to the same site or a different one. Importing the .csv will create new products on a new page, rather than updating existing products across many pages. You can import up to 200 main products per Products Page. Each product can support up to 100 variants. To import additional products, divide your products.csv export file into multiple .csv files.

If you're importing products to a different site:

  • Remove the values under Product ID and Variant ID, leaving the headers intact.
  • Remove the Product Page slug, or ensure a product page with the same URL slug exists on the new site.


Can I bulk edit my products with the .csv?

Yes. You can bulk edit products via .csv import. To learn more, visit Editing products


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Exporting products to a .csv