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Finding your email provider

Your email provider, or email host, is the company that provides you with email services. You’ll sign into the email account provided by your email provider to read and send emails. Follow this guide if you’re not sure who your email provider is.

You need to know who's hosting your email to:

Step 1 - Confirm you have a custom email address

You might have an email service that isn’t linked to a custom domain. To confirm this, find the domain name that comes after the @ in your email address.

  • You have a custom email address if - Your email address ends with your site's domain. For example, if your domain is, your email ends with Go to Find your MX records for steps to find who your email provider is.
  • You don’t have a custom email address if - Your email address ends with a third-party company name. For example, or means Google or Yahoo provides your email. If you'd prefer to set up a custom email address in Squarespace, visit Google Workspace and Squarespace.

Step 2 - Confirm you have a Google Workspace account from Squarespace

If you signed up for Google Workspace (previously G Suite) through Squarespace, you’ll find account information in the Google Workspace panel. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Google Workspace. If the panel shows:

  • At least one user/email address, Google Workspace is your email host and you manage the account through Squarespace.
  • A "Professional Email with Google Workspace" message and pricing information, you don’t have a Google Workspace account through us yet. To learn how to set up a custom email address, visit Signing up for Google Workspace.

Step 3 - Find your MX records

MX records are helpful clues for figuring out who your email host is. When your MX records are set up, you can also send and receive emails with your custom email address.

Tip: Use a third-party domain record search to confirm your custom domain has MX records. For example, enter your custom domain name in MX Toolbox or DNS Checker.

The location of your MX records depends on the company that hosts your domain:

Find MX records for Squarespace domains

If you have a Squarespace domain, look for MX records in the Domains panel.

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Domains.
  2. Under Domains Managed by Squarespace, click your domain.
  3. Click DNS Settings, then scroll down to Custom Records.
  4. Look for any lines with MX in the Record column.
  5. Find the name at the end of the Data record. This is your domain's email provider. For example, MX records that end with show your email is managed by Google Workspace, a Google service.

Find MX records for third-party domains

If your site uses a third-party domain, your MX records are in your domain host’s DNS settings.

  1. Log into your domain account and find your domain’s DNS records.
  2. Look for any records with an MX label.
  3. In the MX records, note the domain name at the end of the record. This is your domain’s email provider.

For help with any third-party domain settings, contact your domain host directly.

Step 4 - Other options

If you tried all the steps in this guide and you’re still not sure who provides your email, try the following steps:

  1. Review your bank and credit card statements for charges from an email provider.
  2. If you’re using a third-party domain, contact your domain host. They can help find who your email provider is based on your DNS records.
  3. Contact us.

Next steps

After you know who's providing your email, you can:

Sign up for a custom email using Google Workspace if you don't have one yet.

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