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Using Zola Blocks

Use the Zola Block to display a selection of items from your Zola wedding registry. This is a great way for visitors to browse your registry without leaving your wedding site. Visitors can click any item in the block to view or purchase it from Zola. 

If you don’t have a Zola registry yet, you can create one here.

Step 1 - Add the Zola Block

  1. Open a page or post editor.
  2. Click an Insert Point or the +.
  3. Select Zola from the menu.
  4. For more detailed steps, visit Adding blocks.

Step 2 - Add your Registry Name

Enter your Registry Name in the block editor. This is the end of your Zola registry’s URL.  

For example, if your registry URL is, you’ll enter “johnandjane” as your registry name.


Select the number of images to display in the block using the Items to Display slider, up to 12. The block will pull items randomly from your registry page. If your registry has more than 12 items, visitors can use the link at the top of the block to view all items on Zola.


Check Add Padding to add space around the entire block. This is ideal if your site doesn’t have a white background, as it helps the block contrast with the rest of your page content.


Step 3 - Save

Click Apply to save your changes.

Here's an example of how the Zola Block can display on a site:


Purchasing from the Zola Block

Visitors can hover over any item in in the block to view details. From there, they can click Buy Now to purchase the item on Zola.


Visitors can use the link at the top of block to view your full registry on your Zola page.



Can I change the design of the block?

No. All Zola Blocks display as a grid, with a maximum of 12 images. The grid dimensions depend on the size of the browser viewing it. The color, font, and hover design are standard for all Zola Blocks.

Can I choose which items display in the block?

No. The Zola Block randomly selects items from your registry to appear in the block. Visitors can click the link to your full registry at the top of the block.

Can I use Zola outside the U.S.?

Zola supports purchases from international credit cards and international billing addresses with no additional charges, but it doesn’t support shipping or cash transfers outside the U.S. See Zola’s documentation for more details.

Does Squarespace charge transaction fees for purchases on Zola?

No. The Zola Block is separate from the Squarespace Commerce platform, so purchases aren't subject to transaction fees.

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