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Squarespace Circle

Squarespace Circle is a program designed to support, inspire, and engage the community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients. Circle members get longer trial periods, optimized customer support, and access to exclusive content.

Tip: If you're selling your design services, try adding a paywall for certain content with Member Areas.

Eligibility and cost

Circle membership is currently free and open to customers who have built or are contributors to at least three active Squarespace sites. At the time you apply to Circle, you must be a contributor to these sites and they must be on active billing plans.

Circle member benefits

As a Circle member, you'll receive the following benefits:

  • Six-month trial periods - Start with an extended trial for new websites
  • 20% off annual website and online store subscriptions - The discount applies to the first payment for your site (this doesn't apply to the Select plan)
  • 20% off annual Scheduling subscriptions - The discount applies to the first Scheduling payment
  • Referral payments - If eligible, you'll receive referral payments for bringing clients to Squarespace
  • Circle forum - Access the private Circle forum for peer-to-peer support and feedback
  • Exclusive content - Access advanced guides and product release notes
  • Squarespace Circle Badge - Add a badge to your website to identify yourself as a Circle member

Your Circle membership and benefits are built into your Squarespace websites and your interactions with Customer Support. For a full list of benefits, visit

Extended trials

After joining Circle, every new site you create under your email address will start with a six-month trial. Trials started before joining Circle follow our standard 14-day trial period. If you need more time after two weeks, you can extend it.

Circle member discounts

Circle membership includes a 20% discount on new website and online store annual subscriptions, as well as new annual Squarespace Scheduling subscriptions. Keep in mind:

  • The discount applies to the first payment of a new Website or Commerce plan with an annual billing cycle, or to the first payment of a Scheduling subscription with an annual billing cycle.
  • The discount doesn't apply to future renewals, reactivations, upgrades, or downgrades.
  • The discount isn’t valid in combination with other offers, apart from our Squarespace domain offer, our Google Workspace offer, and the discount for domain upgrades.

You can apply the discount in two ways:

  • If a Circle member started the site trial or Scheduling trial, the discount will automatically apply at checkout. This will apply if either the Circle member or a non-Circle member completes the transaction.
  • If a non-Circle member started the site trial or Scheduling trial, the discount won’t automatically apply. To apply the discount, invite a Circle member to the website as a contributor with billing permissions. The Circle member can log in and complete the transaction. The discount will appear at checkout.

Circle member flag in email support

When a Circle members emails Customer Support, we'll see a flag on our end that lets us know you're an experienced user. This additional context helps us to address your questions more efficiently and effectively. Circle member flags don't appear for Customer Support through live chat.

Circle referral payments

As of October 6, 2021, eligible Circle members can unlock referral payments by bringing clients to Squarespace. After your referrals have resulted in enough qualifying subscriptions, you’ll receive referral payments for each additional qualifying subscription you refer. To learn more about our eligibility requirements and referral payment amounts, visit the Circle website.

Apply to Squarespace Circle

To apply to join Circle:

  1. Ensure that you're eligible.
  2. Visit, then click Join Now.
  3. Enter the email address and password you use to log into Squarespace.
  4. If we recognize that your email address is linked to at least three paid sites, you'll be taken to the next step. If you a "Not Yet Eligible" message appears, review the section below.
  5. Follow the prompts to agree to the terms and conditions and, optionally, enter your website's URL.
  6. After you're registered, you'll receive an official welcome email.

Error message: "Not Yet Eligible"

If a "Not Yet Eligible" message appears when you try to join Circle, you may not have three or more active sites linked to your email address.

If you're not a contributor to at least three sites, sign up for our free guide to go further with Squarespace and start taking steps toward becoming a Circle member.

If you are a contributor to at least three sites, follow these steps to consolidate all of them under one email address:

  1. Invite the email address as a contributor to each website you manage. This sends contributor invitations to the address.
  2. Before accepting each invitation, log out of all Squarespace sites. Otherwise, you may see an error message when you try to accept.
  3. Accept invitations to each website.
  4. Reapply to Circle.

If you continue to have issues and believe you're eligible for Circle, contact us.

Change your Circle forum email address

Your Circle Forum account and your Squarespace account connect to the same email address, which you can change in your account settings.

Changing your email address will disable your Circle Forum account. To reconnect, log in to the Circle Forum with your updated credentials.

Squarespace Circle and Squarespace Marketplace

Squarespace Circle is a membership program for creative professionals that offers benefits like priority support and exclusive content. To learn more, visit the Circle website.

Squarespace Marketplace is a program that connects people who need website design and development help with qualified web designers from Circle. It's powered by 99designs. We periodically invite eligible Circle members to participate in Marketplace as Experts. To learn more, visit Hiring a Squarespace Expert.

Are members endorsed by Squarespace?

Circle members are entitled to exclusive benefits, but aren't endorsed or accredited by Squarespace. While it's fine to mention Circle membership in marketing and client communications, members shouldn't misrepresent themselves as being affiliated with or endorsed by Squarespace.

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