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Site content analytics

The Site content panel in Squarespace analytics shows your top content by the following audience engagement KPIs:

All URLs on your site count in this panel, including your homepage, pages, posts, products, events, and more. Reviewing these audience engagement metrics is a great way to review what's working well and get inspiration for your next update.

The Site content panel is available in all plans.

Review the Site content panel

  1. In the Home menu, click Analytics, then click Site content.
  2. Data is displayed by page title and URL. If you change a page's title, the panel updates with the new title after someone visits the page.
  3. Click the date range drop-down menu at the top of the panel to filter results by time frame. Data is available starting from January 2014.
Note: In the Squarespace app, this card is called Popular content.
Tip: Use menu shortcuts to add a link to this panel to your Home menu.

Your page averages

At the top of the page, view the total number of pageviews tracked on your site in the given time frame. Your page averages displays the average time on page, bounce rate, and exit rate of all your pages with at least one view. These averages can help you better understand overall audience engagement with your site content. Learn more about our audience engagement KPIs in Measuring audience engagement.

Graph and table

The Top pageviews bar graph is a quick view of the top eight pages or posts viewed the most in the selected time frame. Depending on the date range selected, a percent change comparison appears above the graph.

The All pages with views table lists every URL on your site that had at least one pageview in the selected timeframe. By default, this table displays your site URLs in descending order of pageviews. Click the page or post title to open it on your site. Click one of the other column headers to sort the table by time on page, bounce rate, or exit rate.

Tip: For more data on audience engagement, try our integration with Google Analytics.
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