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Activity Log

Activity Log in Analytics is a searchable list of every time a visitor accessed a URL (a page or post) on your site in the past seven days. Each page visit is its own entry with detailed information such as:

  • Date
  • Time
  • IP address
  • Referrer
  • Browser version
  • Operating system

Activity Log helps you review traffic in granular detail, which can give you insight into:

  • The geographic location of your visitors by IP address
  • How visitors in specific locations find your site

This may be useful if you’ve noticed an unusual spike in a short amount of time. It’s also a great way to identify the geographical location of visitors by IP address.

Availability by plan

The Activity Log panel is available in: 

  • Commerce plans (Basic and Advanced)
  • Website plans (Personal and Business)

Before you begin

  • The Activity Log only shows activity for the previous seven days.
  • The Activity Log tracks visitor activity, not contributor login or editing activity. Once you’re logged in, your traffic is excluded from Activity Log.
  • A browser’s privacy settings could prevent Activity Log from capturing every detail about the visitor.
  • It isn’t possible to block specific IP addresses from your site.

Review the Activity Log

  • In the Home Menu, click Analytics, and then click Activity Log.
  • The Activity Log shows the most recent 50 entries from the previous seven days. Each row in the table is a page visit. Scroll down to the bottom to view the next 50.


Click the search / magnifying glass icon to find activity in the log by:

  • Visitor - IP Address, shown in the Visitor column
  • Activity - The page or post title accessed, shown in the Page Title column
  • Referrer - By the URL the visitor previously accessed, if this information is available to Squarespace. You can find each log’s referrer by clicking on its row.



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