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Building a wedding site

A beautiful wedding site shares your occasion with family and friends, acting as an announcement, invitation, RSVP, and more. In this guide, we'll cover selecting the right template to celebrate your special day and specific Squarespace features to show off photos, create an easy RSVP form, and share your story with your guests.

Select a template

All Squarespace templates have features for building a great wedding website, but the following were built with weddings in mind. From large scrolling banners to demo content designed to inspire, these templates will get your wedding site online quickly.

You can explore all our wedding templates on their demo sites: Anya, AubreyCharlotte, JuliaNaomiSonny. Here are a few of our most popular wedding templates:


Large scrolling banners use the parallax effect to make engagement photos stand out and create a visually arresting experience. You can also use Sonny's single-page Index design to unfurl your story as visitors scroll down the page.

For detailed instructions, visit Sonny's template guide


Elegant and minimal, Aubrey combines a full-bleed background image with a central content area, highlighting the essential details of your event. Aubrey also features an Info Page, creating an appealing landing page to welcome visitors to your site.

For detailed instructions, visit Aubrey's template guide.


Another banner image-focused template, Anya uses large header images with headline text to make your announcement pop. Add a button to the banner and navigation menu and make sure your relatives will be able to locate your RSVP page.

For detailed instructions, visit Anya's template guide.

Own your name

All Squarespace sites on an annual billing plan receive a free domain for the first year. Using a memorable name, such as the two of your names or a fun inside joke, helps guests remember your URL, making it easy to pull up your wedding site at any time on a mobile device to check directions, show off a photo, or find links to your registry.

For more information, visit Squarespace domains.

Create an RSVP form

Streamline the RSVP process with a customizable Form Block. By connecting your RSVP form to storage options—an email address, Google Sheet, or Mailchimp list—you can keep your guest list organized and stay in touch about any adjustments to the big day's schedule.

Show your photos

Banner and background images

Depending on your template, you can use engagement photos and snapshots of cherished memories as banner or background images. This puts the happy couple front and center, making a strong visual impression. 

Banner images work great on Anya and Sonny, while Aubrey supports a site-wide background image.

Gallery Pages and Gallery Blocks

You can display sets of images with Gallery Pages and Gallery Blocks, perfect for showing the history of your relationship or memories from the wedding after the fact. Visit Gallery Blocks vs. Gallery Pages to learn more about the differences between these options.

Stock images

You can create a beautiful site without hiring a professional photographer using Squarespace's stock image integrations. Choose a free or premium image to fill your banners and capture the right mood for your wedding day.

Display event details

A wedding site serves as an accessible reminder for locations, schedules, and other essential details. A Map Block helps guests locate your venue, while Text Blocks with formatted headings make it easy to spot crucial information, even when glancing at a mobile display. Finally, the Menu Block displays menus and lists ingredients, helping accommodate guests with food preferences, allergies, or dietary restrictions.

Add registries


Use the Zola Block to display a selection of items from your Zola wedding registry in a design that blends in with the page. This is a great way for visitors to browse your wish list without leaving your wedding site.

Link to multiple registeries

By using Image Blocks and clickthrough URLs, you can create thumbnail images that link out to multiple registries, as shown below.

Cash registries and gifts

If you have a cash registry or honeyfund, you can receive contributions through your site with the Donation Block.

Next steps

Your wedding site will be as unique as you are as a couple, so this is just the beginning. You can use text and images to tell how you met or add a Video Block to share the proposal. To learn more about Squarespace and start designing your site, we recommend our Getting Started video series.

Tip: Our in-depth template guides walk you through the steps of setting up your site.

After the event

You can keep your wedding site after the wedding is over to serve a new purpose. Share memories from the day with photo galleries, add a video of the ceremony, and leave registries up to assist tardy gift givers.

If you're taking a honeymoon, you can document your trip with a blog. Before and after the wedding, your site will connect to you to guests who couldn't make it, store photos in a single location, and keep better than a piece of cake in the freezer.

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