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Manually connecting a GoDaddy domain to your Squarespace site

If you’re connecting your GoDaddy domain for the first time, visit Connecting a GoDaddy domain to your Squarespace site before following this guide. We have an option for GoDaddy that can connect your domain without manual setup.

If you’re having trouble connecting a GoDaddy domain to Squarespace through our normal setup, you may need to complete the process manually. This guide will walk you through these steps, which include changing a few settings in your GoDaddy account.

Tip: We recommend transferring your domain to Squarespace instead of connecting it. Here are some reasons why you might want to transfer your domain:

  • You can move all aspects of managing it to your Squarespace account so you won't need to pay for it through a third party.
  • Your domain could qualify for one free year of hosting.
  • Squarespace can help with any issues with your domain directly.

Your domain must be eligible to transfer. Learn more about the differences between transferring and connecting or get started with a transfer here.

Before you begin

  • To follow this guide, you should already have a domain registered and active with GoDaddy. Once you’ve connected your domain, you must leave it registered with GoDaddy to keep it connected to your Squarespace site.
  • You need to use GoDaddy's nameservers to successfully connect a domain. See our steps for resetting to GoDaddy's default nameservers below.
  • Remove any active DS records on GoDaddy's end, as these will prevent your domain from connecting to Squarespace.
  • Remove any DNS Templates that may have been automatically applied to your GoDaddy DNS settings, even if it's a Squarespace DNS Template. 
  • You can't connect a custom domain to Squarespace if the domain name has the word "Squarespace" in it.

Step 1 - Re-link your domain

If your GoDaddy domain is still listed in your Domains panel, you’ll first need to unlink it, then re-link it.

In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Domains. You can also press the ? key while any panel is open and search domains.

Click your GoDaddy domain, then click Disconnect Domain.


Refresh the page, then click Use a Domain I Own. Enter the full domain name you’re linking in the Domain Name box, and then click Continue.


Click Connect From Provider.

Note: If you see a message that says "This domain is already connected to another Squarespace site," check any other Squarespace sites you manage to determine where the domain is connected. Then disconnect it from that site. For help logging into the correct site, visit Managing multiple sites.


Select Other from the drop-down.

Note: Although GoDaddy is listed as a domain provider option in the menu, and you may even see GoDaddy auto-populate after adding your domain, you should still choose Other to complete this manual connection.

Click Connect Domain. You'll see a message letting you know that the connection to your domain is in progress. Click Okay to continue.


A new panel will open with the records you need to enter in your GoDaddy account so your domain connects to Squarespace. Keep this panel open for your reference.

If you need to re-open this panel, you can access it from the Home Menu by navigating to Settings, then Domains, and then clicking your domain name.

Step 2 - Log into GoDaddy

Go to GoDaddy and log into your account. Under Domains, find the domain you're connecting and click the DNS button.


You'll now copy the records from the Domain panel so your GoDaddy domain correctly links to your Squarespace site.

Note: Don't delete MX records during this process. MX Records connect your email address, and deleting them could interfere with your email service.

Step 3 - Add the first CNAME

In the first line of your Squarespace DNS Settings, copy the unique code that appears directly below the Host column. The unique code is a random string of numbers and letters that must point to

Use the unique code that you see in your own DNS Settings and not the example code shown here.


Click Add at the bottom of the Records section.


  1. Select CNAME from the Type drop-down.
  2. In the Host box, copy and paste the unique code that appears directly below the Host column in your Domains panel. The unique code is a random string of numbers and letters.
  3. In the Points To box, enter
  4. Leave TTL at the default setting. 
  5. Click Save.


You should now have a CNAME with your unique Host code pointing to

Note: If you don't add this CNAME, or if it's entered incorrectly, the domain will unlink from your site after 15 days. If this happens, you can start over to reconnect the domain.

Step 4 - Add the second CNAME

In the second line of your Squarespace DNS Settings, www appears directly below the Host column. This record must point to


In your GoDaddy account, choose Add

Note: If you already see a CNAME (Alias) record with a host of www, click the pencil icon to edit the Points to box rather than adding a new record.
  1. Select CNAME from the Type drop-down.
  2. In the Host box, enter www
  3. In the Points to box, enter 
  4. Leave TTL at the default setting.
  5. Click Save.


You should now have a CNAME with www pointing to

Step 5 - Add A records

In the last four lines of your Squarespace DNS Settings, you'll see four IP addresses in the Required Data column. Using the steps below, create four A Records in GoDaddy matching these values.


In your GoDaddy account, choose Add.

  1. Select from the Type drop-down.
  2. In the Host box, enter @
  3. In the Points To box, enter
  4. Leave TTL at the default setting.
  5. Click Save.


Repeat this process three more times using the following values in the Points To box:

Note: If you have existing A Records, edit any with Host Name @ so that Points To matches the values above. If you see other A Records in your account that don’t match what’s shown in this guide:
  • Host: @ - Delete only if it doesn't match what’s shown in this guide.
  • Host: blank - Delete. "Blank" specifies your domain without the www in front.
  • Host: Mail or Email - Don’t delete. This connects to your email address. Deleting it could interfere with your email service.

You should now have a four A records pointing to the following IP addresses:


Step 6 - Refresh

After changing your records, return to your Squarespace DNS Settings and click Refresh below the records.

The Current Data column in the panel will start to update and show if your records are entered correctly. It can take up to 72 hours for this information to process.

To go the previous panel, click the arrow in the top-left corner.


Step 7 - Wait and test

If all records are entered correctly, your domain will connect to your site within 24 hours. At times, it can take up to 72 hours. Visit the Domains panel at any time to check your progress.

Troubleshoot with the DNS record checker

If we detect that your records weren’t set up properly, your domain will appear in the Domains panel with the message Can’t verify domain ownership.

To troubleshoot, use the DNS checker tool in the Domains panel to see the exact CNAME and A Records to fix.

Click the domain in the Domains panel, and then click DNS Settings. To learn more, visit Checking your domain mapping records.

Reset GoDaddy’s nameservers (optional)

If you’re still having trouble connecting your domain to Squarespace after entering records manually, you may need to reset your domain’s nameservers.

You’ll need to use GoDaddy’s default nameservers to successfully connect a domain to Squarespace. If you previously used your domain with a different website, they may still be pointed elsewhere.

Go to GoDaddy and log into your account. Next to Domains, click Manage. Find the domain you'd like to connect and click the , then choose Manage DNS from the drop-down. 

Scroll down to Nameservers and click Change.

Select Default from the Choose your new nameserver type drop-down, then click Save.

Getting more help

For more help with settings in your GoDaddy account, contact their support team at (480) 505-8877. To help them understand your issue, you can use our sample message. You can also visit their documentation.

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Manually connecting a GoDaddy domain to your Squarespace site