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My site is past due

If we're unable to process your credit card on your payment date, your site will be marked Past Due. You'll receive an email notification and see a Past Due banner at the bottom of your site when logged in. This banner won't appear for visitors.

We'll make additional attempts every five days. After the third attempt, 15 days after the payment was due, the site will be deactivated. You can reactivate your site to resume service. After 30 days, your site's content will be marked for permanent deletion.

Note: If you received a "Credit Card Billing Failure" email, visit Fixing billing failures.

How do I prevent my site from being deactivated?

Update your billing credit card to avoid any disruption of service. Once you update your billing credit card, we'll automatically attempt to process any outstanding payments. Assuming your credit card is valid, this payment should go through successfully and you'll see a purchase receipt. The Past Due banner will be removed shortly.

If you're not sure why your payment wasn't processed, visit Why was my card declined?

My credit card should work now. Can I request a payment attempt?

You can manually trigger a payment attempt by clicking Retry Payment. If successful, a purchase receipt will display.

Can I change my billing plan?

Once you update your billing credit card, you can change your billing plan. However, it isn't possible to change your billing plan while your site is past due.

My G Suite payment is past due.

We also make three additional payment attempts for past due G Suite by Google accounts. After the third attempt, 15 days after the payment was due, the account will be suspended. You’ll have 40 days to reactivate your account from your Email panel before it’s completely cancelled.

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