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In-store pickup

You can offer in-store pickup to allow customers to stop by your physical location to pick up their order. This guide walks you through setting this up by creating a Flat Rate shipping option just for in-store pickup.

Note: In-store pickup options still require customers to enter a shipping address. We recommend clearly labeling the option "In-store pickup ONLY" or something similar so customers don't mistake it for a free shipping option.

Step 1 - Open the Shipping panel

In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Shipping.


Step 2 - Add Flat Rate shipping

Click Add Shipping Option.

Select Flat Rate.

Step 3 - Create in-store pickup option

Enter a name that clearly labels the option as in-store pickup in the Option Name box. This is what customers will see when they select a shipping option at checkout.

If in-store pickup is free, set the Per Item and Per Order fees to $0. (If you charge for in-store pickup, enter your pricing.) Click Save.

At checkout, your customers will still need to enter their shipping address. After doing so, they can select your in-store pickup option.




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