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Local pickup

Create a local pickup option (also called click and collect) so customers can pick up their orders in person. Pickup options are free to your customers. They display at checkout for all physical products, along with any shipping options you’ve created. Purchased items are removed from your inventory at checkout.

Tip: If you run a restaurant or another business in the hospitality industry and need a pickup option separate from Squarespace Commerce, we recommend Tock, our all-in-one management tool for reservations, orders, tables, and events.

Create a local pickup option

To create a local pickup option:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Pickup.
  2. Click Add pickup option.
  3. Under Pickup option, enter the name of the option. This name displays at checkout.
  4. Add pickup information, like the address, your store hours, and any instructions your customers should follow when they arrive. If you don't want to publish your address, you can add it to your order confirmed email instead.
  5. Click Save.

The pickup information is included in the order confirmed email automatically.

After you add a local pickup option, keep in mind:

  • Afterpay isn't available for local pickup orders.
  • Customers can't choose local pickup when they check out with subscription products.  
  • To ship some items and pick up others, customers must place multiple orders.
  • Order information isn't sent to third-party extensions, like Shipstation or Shippo, because local pickup orders don't have a shipping address.

Managing customer pickups

Send an email when the order is ready

It usually takes some time to prepare orders for pickup. When an order is ready, email the customer to let them know. To schedule a specific pickup time, include your contact information and details about your schedule in the email. 

Add a custom form to ask about packaging preferences

To give customers the option to bring their own bag, add a custom checkout form that asks whether customers need you to package their order. 

Mark orders as fulfilled after pickup

After a customer picks up their order, mark the order as fulfilled. Consider customizing the Order fulfilled email to remove unnecessary details about shipping.

Cancel abandoned pickup orders

If you accept returns and a customer doesn't pick up their order, consider canceling the order after a certain amount of time. Decide in advance what the pickup timeframe is, and edit your store's policies to address this.

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