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Flat rate shipping

Flat rate shipping is a simple shipping option that lets you set a shipping price based on the number of items in an order. This method is well-suited for stores selling items where shipping cost is negligible or all items are roughly the same size and weight.

Tip: For an overview of the shipping process and our other shipping methods, visit Setting up shipping rates.

Step 1 - Open the Shipping panel

In the Home menu, click Commerce, and then click Shipping.


Step 2 - Add Flat Rate shipping

Note: It's not possible to create product-specific shipping rates at this time.

Click Add Shipping Option.

Click Flat Rate.

Enter a name for the flat rate in the Option Name field. This is what customers will see when they choose a shipping option at checkout.


In the Per Order Fee field, enter the flat rate you'll charge for every order.

To charge an additional shipping fee for every item in an order, enter the fee in the Fee Per Item field. It isn't possible to set rates for specific products.


Click Save.

Step 3 - Add additional Flat Rates (optional)

You can add additional Flat Rate options by repeating steps 1 and 2. This is a great way to accommodate customers who'd like to pay more for faster shipping.

How Flat Rate shipping displays

On the checkout page, shipping options display in ascending order of price, with the least expensive option selected by default.

This example is for two items, so Standard Shipping is $7 ($1 + $1 + $5) and Overnight Shipping is $21 ($3 + $3 + $15).

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Flat rate shipping