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Adding Pinterest Save buttons

You can add Save buttons to your site to encourage visitors to share your content on Pinterest. Save buttons appear when hovering over images in Image Blocks, products, blog posts, and certain Gallery Blocks.

Before you begin

  • If a product in a pin has variants, the lowest price will display in the pin.
  • By enabling Save buttons, you agree to Pinterest's developer terms.
  • Pins from a Blog Page are more likely to show an accurate image when a visitor pins from the individual post, rather than the main Blog Page. You can encourage this by using excerpts.

Where Save buttons display

When enabled, Save buttons can display over:

  • Image and Gallery Blocks in Blog Pages
  • Image and Gallery Blocks in Layout Pages (Slideshow, Stacked, and Grid designs)
  • Images in Products Pages

Save buttons never display over:

  • Gallery Page images
  • Gallery Blocks using the Carousel design
  • Summary Block images
  • Product Block images
  • Videos added to a Gallery Page, Gallery Block, or Video Block
  • Image lightboxes
  • Any images smaller than 119px × 119px 

Step 1 - Enable the Save button

In the Home Menu, click Marketing, and then click Pinterest Save Buttons.

From the drop-down menu, select where the Save button will appear on your site:

  • Select Enabled for Blogs to add the buttons to Image Blocks and Gallery Blocks in blog posts only. The buttons won't appear on thumbnail images.
  • Select Enabled for Blogs, Pages and Products to add the buttons to Image Blocks, Gallery Blocks, and Product Page images.


Step 2 - Style the button

After selecting an option, additional style options will appear. Customize these options using the drop-down menus. As you select from different options, a preview of a Save button appears below.

  • Size - Small or Large
  • Shape - Rectangle or Circle
  • Color - Gray, Red, or White (background color, not text color)

When you're done customizing your Save button, click Save.

Tip: To add Pinterest sharing for other content, use Share buttons

Enabling Rich Pins

After you add Save buttons to your site, you can enable Rich Pins. On Pinterest, Rich Pins display more information from your Squarespace site, like product price and site title.

To learn how to enable Rich Pins, visit Enabling Rich Pins for your site.

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Adding Pinterest Save buttons