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Moving blocks

Move blocks around your pages to create a custom layouts.

This guide is a next step to Adding content with blocks, which we suggest you read first if you're new to Squarespace.

Note: You can move a block within the page content area where it was added. It's not possible to move blocks between pages or separate content areas, such as from a footer to a header.

Watch a video

This video applies to version 7.0.

Tip: Follow the guidelines and boxes

To help you move blocks around a page, guidelines and gray boxes will appear as you drag and drop. These are especially useful when you’re creating columns and rows.


Guidelines show the height or width of an area where you can place the block. As you click and drag a block, guidelines show you where the block can fit. Guidelines can help you:

  • Create a new column of blocks
  • Create a new row of blocks
  • Match the height or width of another block



Boxes represent the block you’re moving. When you click and drag a block, the box shows its current placement. As you move the block around an area of text, the box shows where you can wrap text around the block.


Move a block

To move a block:

  1. Hover over the block you want to move. Your cursor will turn into a hand.
  2. Click and drag the block to move it around the page.
  3. As you drag the block, use the guidelines and boxes to choose the new placement.


  1. Tap and hold the block you want to move. It will turn gray and hover over the content.
  2. Drag the block to move it around the page.
  3. As you drag the block, use the guidelines and boxes to choose the new placement.

Float images and other blocks in text

You can float a block within an area of text to create a text-wrapping effect. This video applies to version 7.0.

You may want to do this with an image to create a unique, multi-column layout in a blog post or on a page of text.

To create this layout, click and drag a block over a Text Block. The gray box shows where the block will appear in the text.



Why are Text Blocks merging?

If you stack two or more Text Blocks vertically, they'll always merge into one block. To prevent this, separate the blocks with Spacer Blocks or Line Blocks. Text Blocks placed next to each other horizontally won't merge.

Why are my columns different sizes?

To keep columns evenly sized, you'll need one of these numbers of columns per content area:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
  • 12

Otherwise, they'll have varying widths. To learn more, visit Creating columns and rows with blocks.

How will my blocks look on a mobile device?

To keep your site legible and prevent visitors from having to pinch, zoom, and scroll to see your content, Squarespace's responsive design automatically stacks blocks vertically on mobile devices. The order of your blocks will depend on the structure of your columns and rows.

To learn more, visit Page and block changes on mobile devices.

Next step

Use these tools to create columns and rows with blocks.

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