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Printing orders

You can print order invoices for your records or to include as slips in order packages. Each order prints on its own page. You can print up to 100 orders at a time.

Tip: This guide covers printing copies of order invoices or receipts. To print shipping labels, connect an extension and choose Easyship, Shippo, or Shipstation. To export your orders as a .csv file, visit Exporting orders.

Printing one order

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Orders. You can also press ? while any panel is open and search orders.
  2. Click an order to open the order summary.
  3. Click Orders and then click Print.
Note: For security, only the last four digits of a customer's credit card will display.
  1. In the Orders tab, tap an order and then tap Manage in the top-right corner.
  2. Tap Print Invoice. This opens a printable version.
  3. Select a printer, choose the number of copies, and specify the page range, if needed.
  4. Tap Print at the top of the screen.

Bulk-printing orders (computer only)

To print multiple orders, check the box to the left of each order you want to print in the Orders panel, then click Print.


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Printing orders