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Sold out products

When a product is sold out, a Sold Out flag will display over its image and customers can't add it to their carts.

Products will be automatically marked as Sold Out after the last item in stock is purchased to prevent any over-selling of inventory. You can also manually set a product as sold out by changing the stock level to 0. This is useful if you need to stop accepting orders for an item.

Tip: Use the Squarespace Commerce app to track inventory on your mobile device. The app can automatically send push notifications when items are out of stock or reach a low inventory threshold. Download: iOS, Android

Mark a product as sold out

Step 1 - Open the product

In the Home Menu, click Pages. Click a Products Page. Double-click a product to open the product editor. For detailed steps, visit Editing a product.

Step 2 - Go to Pricing & Variants

In the product editor, click the Pricing & Variants tab.


Step 3 - Set the stock level

Click the number in the Stock column.

In the Quantity in Stock box, enter 0.

Step 4 - View the product

In the Pages panel, select the Products Page. Any item with a Stock of 0 will display a Sold Out flag.

Tip: In Advanced Products Pages, you can style the Sold Out flag.

Can customers back-order products?

Squarespace doesn't currently support a back-order functionality. However, you can collect leads or create a wait list for a sold out product by adding a Form Block to product's Additional Info section. By collecting customer email addresses, you can notify them when the product is available.

Other recommendations

  • Add text above the Form Block in the Additional Info section. For example, "Notify me when available."
  • Update the product's description in the Item tab encouraging customers to join the wait list by completing the form.

Can I hide sold out products?

Displaying sold out products is a great way to advertise what you sell, even if products aren't available. It also communicates that your products are in demand. However, if you want to hide a sold out product, you can unlist it.

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Sold out products