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Free Google Workspace offer

We offer a free year of Google Workspace for one custom email address if you meet our eligibility requirements and upgrade to one of these website plans:

  • Website Business
  • Website Commerce Basic or Advanced
This offer isn't valid for Mobile start plans.
Note: After the first year of service, your Google Workspace account renews at the standard rate. If you don't want it to renew, disable auto-renew.

Am I eligible?

To find if you qualify for the offer, in the Home menu, click Settings, then click Google Workspace. You’re eligible if Free appears when you choose a Google Workspace plan.

If you're required to pay for the first year:

Keep in mind, you’re not eligible if you signed up for or upgraded to an eligible website plan more than one year ago.

Offer terms

  • The offer is valid for one new user (email address) per website on a valid website plan. You can add more users at the full price.
  • If you sign up for a monthly billing plan, you need to keep auto-renew enabled to receive the full year for free.
  • If you disable auto-renew during the free year, we'll suspend the Google Workspace account at the end of your next billing cycle (either monthly or annual). You'll need to pay to reactivate the account.

Claim your offer

To claim this free offer:

  1. Ensure you meet our eligibility requirements. If needed, upgrade your website plan.
  2. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Google Workspace.
  3. Follow the steps in Signing up for Google Workspace.

I didn’t receive the offer

If you believe you’re eligible, but didn’t receive the free offer, visit Troubleshooting Google Workspace for next steps.

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