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Bandsintown blocks

Use Bandsintown blocks to display live stream, tour, or festival dates from your Bandsintown profile. Visitors can join live stream shows, RSVP to concerts, buy tickets, and get notified about future shows through links in the block.

Bandsintown blocks are designed to match the look of your site, making them a great alternative to third-party widgets.

Note: It's not possible to edit the Bandsintown block's content directly. Set the dates, text, and buttons that appear in your Bandsintown account.

Add a Bandsintown block

To add a Bandsintown block:

  1. Edit a page or post, click an insert point, and choose Bandsintown from the menu. For help, visit Adding content with blocks.
  2. In the Bandsintown block editor, enter your Band Name exactly as it appears in your Bandsintown account.
  3. In the Timeframe to Show dropdown menu, select Upcoming to only display future events or Date Range to display all events within specified start and end dates, including past events.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.

Bandsintown blocks look like the example below.


Style the Bandsintown block

You can change the Bandsintown text font and color, and customize the style of the buttons.

Text font and color

Use the Site styles panel to change the text font and color. The text font and color follow paragraph or body text tweaks. Text size is fixed to maintain the layout of the block.

Keep in mind, different types of text in the block follow the same tweaks. For example, it's not possible to style the date text separate from show details. To learn more, visit Making style changes.

Button design

Use the Site styles panel to change the button design, including its color and shape. Button size and button text size is fixed to maintain the layout of the block, but will increase or decrease somewhat to accommodate different fonts. To learn more, visit Styling buttons.

Next steps

Connect your account to your site to add a Bandsintown social icon.

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