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Quote Blocks

Use Quote Blocks to add styled quotes and testimonials to your site.

Add a Quote Block

To add a Quote Block:

  1. Open a page or post editor, then click an insert point or the +. For more detailed steps, visit Adding content with blocks.
  2. Choose Quote from the menu.
  3. In the block editor, enter the quote in the first field.
  4. Enter its source in the second field.
  5. Click Animations to add an animation.
  6. Click Apply to publish your changes.

Add animation

Add visual effects to your Quote Blocks with animations. Visitors see the animation when they load or refresh the page.

To add an animation:

  1. Click the Animations tab.
  2. Select an effect from the Animate Quote Block drop-down menu. As you explore options, you'll see previews of how they load.

Choose from:

  • Fade In - Text fades in
  • Focus In - Text looks blurry, then comes into focus
  • Slide Up - Text slides up from below
  • Reveal - Text slides outward from the center

Style the quote

How you style the quote depends on your template and version.


To style the Quote Block's fonts:

  1. From the Pages panel, open a page with a Quote Block. 
  2. Return to the Home Menu and click Design, then Fonts.
  3. Under Global Text Styles, click Assign Styles
  4. Scroll to the Quote Block section to style Text and Source.
  5. Click Save.


To style the Quote Block's colors:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Design, then Colors.
  2. Click Section Themes, then click the pencil icon on your chosen color theme.
  3. Scroll to the Quote Block section to change the Text and Source colors.
  4. Click Save.

Most templates have style options for Quote Blocks. For templates without style options, the Quote Block text uses the same style as your body text. See our tips below for other ways to make quotes stand out.

To change the way your Quote Block looks, use the tweaks below for these template families:

Template family Tweak name


Quote Block



Aviator family

Quote Font, Quote Text 


Quote Font, Quote Color 


Quote Block section (Alignment, Quote Font, Source Font)


Quote Block section (Alignment, Quote Font, Source Font)




Quote Font, Quote Color, Inline Quote Size


Quote Block 




Quote, Quote Size


Quote Block




Quotes, Quotes Size


Quote Font, Quote Color


Quote Block section (Alignment, Font, Font Min, Quote Color)




Quote Font, Quote Font Min 
Wells Quote, Quote Size
Wexley Quote Font


Quote Font, Scale Quote, Quote Min, Quote Text Color, Quote Alignment, Show Quotation Marks, Quote Source Font, Quote Source Color

Other ways to add quotes

Here are some other options for adding quotes to your site and giving them unique formatting.

Format as quote text

To make a quote stand out within a Text Block, highlight the text and click the quote icon in the Text Block editor. This indents the quote. Depending on your template, a line may appear on the side and the text may be italicized.


Wrap the text

For a magazine-style quote that stands out on a page, wrap one Text Block around another. To learn more, visit Creating a pull quote by wrapping text.


Add text to an Image Block

To create a quote with a background image, add an Image Block with a text overlay, and style that text. Visit Using Image Blocks for examples of each of the different Image Block options. Here's an example with the Poster Image Block:


Format as heading text

To give the text a prominent style, add the quote text to a Text Block, then format it as a heading. In the Text Block editor, highlight the text and use the formatting drop-down menu to select Heading 2 or Heading 3. Then use the Heading 2 or Heading 3 options in the Site Styles panel to change the appearance of the text.

Tip: Because search engines identify content in headings as keyword-rich areas for indexing, styling quotes as headings may interfere with your site's SEO. We only recommend this workaround if your template doesn't have Quote Block styles and your primary goal is to enhance a quote's design.
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