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Using folders

Use folders to create drop-down navigation menus (also known as nested pages or sub-menus) on your site.

Note: Nested folders (folders within folders) aren't supported at this time.

Add a folder

  1. Home Menu, click Pages, then click the icon.

  1. Select Folder from the New Page menu.

  1. The folder will appear in the Pages panel with a blank field. Enter a name for the folder here. This is the text that displays in the navigation.

Add pages to the folder

Pages you add to the folder appear as drop-down menu items.

  • To add an existing page to the folder, drag and drop it into the space below the folder.
  • To add a new page to the folder, click the + icon below the folder.
  • To change the order of the pages, drag and drop them within the folder.
Note: Index Pages can't be added to folders.

Folder display

See how your folder appears on your site by clicking the hide arrow to enter a full preview. Each template displays folders differently.

In templates with vertical navigation menus, the folder appears as a drop-down menu when you click or hover over the folder title.

In most templates, clicking or hovering on a folder title opens the drop-down menu. It doesn't open the first page in the folder. The templates below are the exception:

In these templates only, clicking the folder title opens the first page in the folder. This list groups templates by family.

  • Bedford, Anya, Bryant, Hayden
  • Brine, Clay, Feed, Foster, Hatch, Heights, Hunter, Hyde, Jaunt, Juke, Keene, Marta, Mercer, Mojave, Motto, Nueva, Rally, Rover, Sonora, Thorne
  • Farro, Haute
  • Flatiron
  • Pacific, Bryler, Charlotte, Fulton, Horizon, Naomi

Folder navigation

Some templates have notable folder styles that add an extra layer of navigation:

Sidebar navigation

In Bedford, Anya, Bryant, Hayden, pages in a folder appear in a menu on the left sidebar of the page.

Header navigation

In Adirondack, pages in a folder appear in a menu between the Main Navigation and page content.

Folder Header Navigation displays on mobile devices only when mobile styles are disabled.

Footer columns

In these templates, if you choose Layout: Columns in the Style Editor, each folder’s name appears as a header with the folder’s page links below:

Delete the folder

If you delete a folder, its pages will also be deleted.

To delete the folder, hover over it in the Pages panel and click the trash can icon. Then click Delete.

Tip: You can restore the pages within 30 days.
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