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Image and file URLs in Squarespace

When you upload an image or media file to Squarespace, it's stored in our content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN saves multiple versions of your image to servers worldwide, helping your visitors load a page quickly. The CDN assigns each version a specific URL for storing and retrieving it, which lets your browser reload the image more quickly each time you revisit a page. This helps with your site's performance and visitor experience. It can also help with your ranking in Google, which uses page speed as a factor in search results.

If you right-click an image or file and open it in a new tab, you'll see its URL in your browser's address bar. It starts with either or followed by a string of random characters and the format. The format may change depending on the size of the browser viewing your site. This URL can't be customized.

Other URLs

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Image and file URLs in Squarespace