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Setting a primary domain

If your site has multiple custom domains, you’ll need to pick one to act as your primary domain. The primary domain is the main address for your site. To see which domain is your primary, open the Domains panel and look for the Primary label next to a domain.

All custom domains redirect to the primary, meaning visitors will always see that domain in the browser address bar no matter which domain they used.

The first custom domain you add to your site is automatically set as your primary domain. If you add more custom domains, that first domain will remain as your primary. To set a new primary domain, follow the steps below.

Note: If a visitor accesses your site from your built-in domain rather than a custom domain, such as, it won't redirect to your custom primary domain.

Before you begin

  • If you’re setting a Squarespace domain as the primary, ensure that you’ve verified ownership.
  • If you’re setting a third-party domain as the primary, it must be connected correctly. This may take up to 72 hours. For help, visit Connecting a domain to your Squarespace site.
  • Only one domain can be set as the primary domain. All pages on your site will show that domain. It’s not possible to use a different domain for specific pages of your site.

Set the primary domain

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Domains.
  2. Click the domain you want to set as your primary domain.
  3. Click Make primary domain.
  4. In the Domains panel, your new primary domain is marked with a Primary label.
Tip: If you're setting a new primary domain as a part of renaming your site or brand, follow our steps for maintaining your online following after changing your domain.


Can I hide my built-in domain?

Adding a custom domain automatically hides your built-in domain from visitors. However, for security purposes, you'll always see your built-in domain in your browser address bar when you're logged in.

Why do I see my built-in domain when I'm logged in?

For security purposes, you'll always see your built-in domain (ending in when you're logged into your site, even if you have a custom primary domain.

If I add a second custom domain, will it automatically become my primary?

Not automatically. The first custom domain you add is set as your primary. If you add more custom domains, that first domain will stay as your primary domain until you set the new domain as your primary domain.

Can I set my built-in domain as my primary?

No. Only custom domains can be set as the primary domain. If you remove all custom domains, your built-in domain automatically defaults to the primary.

Can I set a subdomain as my primary?

Yes. If your subdomain is hosted by a third-party, connect it to your site, then use the steps above to set it as the primary. If you created a Squarespace subdomain, use the drop-down in your root domain’s settings to set it as the primary.

Do I need to remove the primary status from one domain before choosing another domain?

No. Setting a new domain as the primary will automatically remove the primary status from the previous domain.

What type of redirect is used to direct secondary domains to the primary domain?

If you have multiple domains associated with your Squarespace site, all secondary domains automatically redirect to the primary domain using a 301 redirect.

Will all of my custom domains appear in search engines?

No. Search engines only show your primary custom domain.

If you’re noticing the wrong domain in Google search results, you can use their Search Console to specify the domain you want to show.

My built-in domain is appearing in search results.

If you've set a primary custom domain and your built-in domain is still appearing in search results, you can use Google Search Console to request a reindex. To learn more, visit Hiding your built-in domain from search results.

Can analytics show me which domains were used to access my site?

No. Squarespace analytics measures all combined traffic to your site from all active domains.

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Setting a primary domain