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Managing inventory

In the Inventory panel, you can search and manage your product inventory from a single location. In this guide, you'll learn how to view, organize, search, and edit your inventory.

Tip: Use the Squarespace Commerce app to track inventory on your mobile device. The app can automatically send push notifications to your phone when items are out of stock or reach a low inventory threshold. Download: iOS, Android

Inventory panel vs. Product Pages

You can view products in two places: On their individual Product Pages and in the Inventory panel. The Inventory Panel shows all products on your site, while a Product Page only displays the particular products added to that page. To add a new product to your site, you'll need to add it to a Product Page.

Tip: To rearrange how your inventory displays on your site, go to the Products Page.

Open the Inventory panel

Depending on your plan:

  • In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Inventory.
  • In the Home Menu, click Inventory.

You can also press the ? key while any panel is open and search inventory.

Add a product

Click Add, then select the Products Page where the product will appear on your site.


View your inventory

All your products appear in the Inventory panel.

  • Click the arrow next to a product name to see its variants.
  • The current price of each item or variant displays under Price. Sale prices have a Sale badge.
  • The in-stock quantity for each item or variant displays under Stock.

Stock automatically decreases with each purchase. You'll receive a Stock Level Alert Email when an item is running low. When an item is out of stock, its stock level displays as red.

Click the Product, Stock, or Price labels to sort the list by product name, stock levels, or price.

For stock and price levels, sorting is based on variants. For example, if you’re sorting by stock and one of your variants for a product is out of inventory, the product it belongs to will show at the top of the list.


Search inventory

Enter a search term in the search box and press Enter to search your products. You can search for text used in the product title and description, and for the product's SKU.

Edit a product

Click anywhere on a product's row to open the product editor. From here, you can edit:

  • Name, price, and description
  • Variants
  • Pricing
  • Dimensions
  • SKUs
  • Additional Info
  • Form (Custom Product Form)
  • Product URL
  • Social settings
  • And more

Click Save to publish your changes.

Note: Deleted products don't appear in the Inventory panel.
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Managing inventory