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Editing your contributor profile

To update your profile information, including your name, contact email address, picture, and notification subscriptions, click your avatar at the bottom of the Home Menu.

Before you begin

  • Only contributors with permissions can edit their own profiles. Administrators can edit other contributors' permissions but can't edit others' profile information.
  • Only Administrators can edit Basic Author profiles. 
  • To add or remove permissions from a contributor's account, visit Editing contributor permissions.
  • If you update your email address, you'll use the new address to log into your account.
  • Changing the name in your profile will also change the name as it appears in all blog posts published under your name.

Edit your profile 

In the Home Menu, click your avatar.


In the Account Dashboard, hover over your avatar in the top-right corner, then click Edit Profile.


Edit any of the settings in the Account, Bio, Location, Subscriptions, and Developer tabs, then click Save. To learn more about each option, see the descriptions below.

Profile options


In the Account tab, you can:

  • Edit your name as it appears on your site, including blog posts.
  • Change the email address on file for your account.
  • Upload an avatar (profile picture) that appears at the bottom of the Home Menu when logged in.
  • Add a Google+ profile URL.
Note: Changes to the Account tab may take a few minutes to appear on your site.



In the Bio tab, you can add a first and last name, website, and bio. 

Note: The Bio fields appear in author profiles on the Skye, Foundry, Indigo, Ready, and Tudor templates, and the Farro and Haute templates.



In the Location tab, you can add the business name and address associated with you or your author.



Squarespace automatically notifies certain contributors about certain activity. In the Subscriptions tab, you can manage Comment Subscriptions and Store Subscriptions for each site.



In the Developer tab, you can register as a developer if you're interested in using the Squarespace Developer Platform. For more information, visit Squarespace Developer Platform - FAQ.


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Editing your contributor profile