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Creating a link that sends a text message

Encourage mobile visitors to text you by adding an SMS link. When a visitor taps the link on a smartphone, a new text message will open with a pre-filled recipient.

You can add these links to:

  • Text
  • Your site's navigation
  • Images
  • Buttons

As an example, this guide covers creating a text link, but you can find steps for adding links to other areas in Adding links to your site.

Step 1 - Open the link editor

  1. In the Text Block Editor, enter the text you want to link. For example, Text Us or Send Us a Text. For help adding a Text Block, visit Using the Text Block.
  2. Highlight the text.
  3. Click the Link icon in the text editor toolbar. The link editor will open.


Step 2 - Add the link

After the link editor is open:

  1. Click the External tab.
  2. Enter sms: followed by a phone number, without any spaces. If the phone number includes a country code, add sms:+ followed by the phone number.
  3. Click Add Link.


For more help, visit Troubleshooting link issues.

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Creating a link that sends a text message