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Gift cards FAQ

Gift cards are a special product that recipients can use as payment for orders from your online store. Here are some frequently asked questions about gift cards.

Gift card limitations

  • Gift cards are sold as unique digital codes. Squarespace doesn’t create or ship physical gift cards.
  • At checkout, a gift card’s value will be subtracted from the order total. This includes tax and shipping.
  • Gift cards never expire.
  • When purchasing a gift card, customers will go directly to checkout after clicking Purchase. Gift card checkout doesn’t include custom forms or fields.
  • Gift cards are only available on the Commerce Advanced plan

Can I sell physical/plastic gift cards?

Gift cards are only available through your store as an email or printable .pdf.

How do customers redeem their gift card?

To learn more about gift card purchases and redemption, visit How customers redeem gift cards.

Do gift cards cover tax and shipping?


Can I charge tax on gift card purchases?

Purchasing a gift card isn't subject to tax. However, your store's tax rules apply to any order made with a gift card.

How do I stop selling gift cards?

To remove a gift card from your store, open the gift card on its Products Page and click Delete. This prevents new customers from purchasing the gift card. Previously sold gift card codes remain active. You can also unlist gift cards temporarily.

For more help, visit Deleting and unlisting products.

Can I set an expiration date?

No. Gift cards never expire.

Can customers split an order between a gift card and a credit card?

Yes. If their order total exceeds the value remaining on their gift card, they can pay the balance using standard payment methods.

Can customers use more than one gift card on an order?

Yes. Customers can apply multiple gift cards to an order.

Can I use less than the full value of my gift card?

When using a gift card, the full value of the gift card is always applied. It isn’t possible to partially redeem a gift card unless the order total is less than the gift card balance.

Do sale pricing and discounts apply to purchasing gift cards?

No. Sales pricing and discount codes can’t be applied to purchasing a gift card. However, these discounts will apply to orders made using a gift card.

Can I refund a gift card?

Yes. You can cancel and refund unused gifts cards. Partially used gift cards can't be refunded.

Can I refund purchases made with a gift card?

Yes. Refunding a purchase made with a gift card adds the refunded amount to the gift card's balance.

Can customers buy multiple gift cards in one order? Or purchase a gift card with other products?

No. When purchasing a gift card, customers will go directly to checkout after clicking Purchase, similar to Express Checkout.

Can I duplicate a gift card?

No. It isn't possible to duplicate a gift card.

Can I restrict gift cards to certain items?

No. Gift cards can be used for any order of physical, digital, or service products. Gift cards can't be used for subscription products

Can I let customers set custom values?

No, but you can set multiple gift card values to give your customers more options.

Can I edit the gift card email?

No. The gift card email isn’t customizable at this time.

How does the recipient check their balance?

The recipient will receive an initial email with the gift card balance. After entering the gift card code at checkout, they'll see the remaining balance if there is any.

What do I do if a customer loses their gift card code?

You can resend the gift email notification from the Orders panel.

Are gift cards I sold still valid if I leave the Commerce Advanced plan

Yes. All previously sold gift card codes remain active. However, customers won't be able to buy new gift cards from your store. We recommend hiding or deleting gift cards after leaving the Commerce Advanced plan.

Can customers add value to a gift card?


Can customers set a specific time to send the email to the recipient?

No. Customers who want to send the email to the recipient at a later date should select the Email to You delivery option at checkout. They can then forward the email or .pdf at the desired time.

Can I accept gift cards from a different eCommerce platform?

No. If you switched to Squarespace from a different platform and your customers have unused gift cards, create discounts with unique promo codes so they can use their remaining balance in Squarespace.

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